10 Bone-Chilling Urban Myths — That Aren’t Really Myths

10 Bone-Chilling Urban Myths — That Aren’t Really Myths

We all love a good scary story, but sometimes real life can only be so scary. Some of the creepiest tales are just pure fiction, like, say, urban myths. Those legends are guaranteed to creep out most kids, but luckily they’re not true. Well — with some exceptions…

 Below is a list of a few urban myths that are actually based on reality. Scroll below for the creepily true urban myths and further explanation.
In 1976, a camera crew was filming a television show inside a haunted house at the Nu-Pike Amusement Park in Long Beach, Calif. While setting up, they moved a “hanging man” prop aside, only for its arm to fall off, revealing real-life human bones inside. The body turned out to be that of criminal Elmer McCurdy who was killed in a shootout following a train robbery.After he was shot, a funeral director put his embalmed body on display, since he was so proud of his work. Eventually, a pair of carnival promoters claiming to be McCurdy’s brothers took the corpse for themselves. McCurdy’s corpse popped up in many haunted houses across America before winding up in Long Beach.

2. A Call From A Loved One… After They’ve Died

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

In 2008, a California commuter train crashed into a freight train, killing 25 passengers inside. The family of Charles Peck, knowing he was on the train, waited to hear if he had survived. Multiple family members were called from Charles’s cellphone, which sent out 35 calls in total. Using his cellphone signal, they managed to find Peck, but he was long-dead from the impact. How those calls were made remains a mystery.

3. The Killer Elevator


This one’s a bit disturbing, be warned. Mostly, fears of elevators are unfounded. But.. One Dr. Hitoshi Nikaidoh became pinned by the shoulders between the doors of an elevator in 2003. The elevator evidently malfunctioned. The doors didn’t open, but held Nikaidoh in place like a vice and began its ascent.

The elevator sliced his head in two, just above the mouth, leaving another passenger trapped for an hour inside the defunct elevator with most of a severed head.

4. The Killer… Escalator


Moral of this article: take the stairs. Another disturbing one for those of you with weak stomachs. You thought it was just your parents lying when they said to watch your shoelaces on an escalator. In actuality, escalators can do some real damage to human flesh if an article of clothing becomes stuck in the grating. Sometimes they chew up entire toes.

The most shocking case, however, is when an escalator got hold of one man’s hoodie, likely because he was bending down to tie his shoe. It sucked up his hood, dragging him to the ground and strangling him to death.

5. The Person Living in Your Home


We’re all terrified of some stranger lurking just around the corner inside our own home. In 2008, a Japanese man set up camera around his house after he began noticing tiny details amiss around his home, including food going missing. The cameras captured a strange, 58-year-old homeless woman crawling out of a tiny cupboard in his kitchen. She had apparently been living in his home undetected for a year after she wandered into the home with the door unlocked.

6. The Corpse at the Funeral Comes to Life


Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov, living in northern Russia, suffered a heart attack in 2011. Her husband rushed her the hospital, where doctors declared her dead. The family quickly put together a funeral for their supposedly-dead loved one. Fagilyu herself interrupted the funeral however with her screams of terror when she awoke and realized she was at her own funeral.

The kicker is that the shock caused the poor woman to suffer another heart attack and promptly died again, for real this time.

7. A Tourist Wakes Up Without a Kidney


Indian construction worker Mohammad Saleem was promised a new, higher paying job in the Indian city of New Delhi. All he had to do was travel to a specific bungalow in the city and wait for further instruction. Instead of being shown to a new workplace, Saleem was ransacked, drugged and knocked out by mysterious men in masks.

Saleem woke up on a cold metal gurney with one kidney less than he’d had before. His captors said if he told, he’d lose a lot more than just a kidney. There were many other victims of this gang of phony doctors stealing poor people’s organs to sell to high-paying rich customers. This sort of illegal organ trade isn’t confined to India either.

8. Sewer Rats Coming Through Toilets


A man went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, only to lift the seat cover and discover a big, sopping wet rat in the bowl. He tried to flush it down, but that only made the furry creature madder. Ultimately, the man, named Ian, had to trap the rat between the toilet cover and the bowl and kill it with his own bare hands. This isn’t as uncommon as you might think, as many plumbers will warm that rats can get into toilets on the ground floor through the sewers.

9. The Frozen Corpse Comes to Life


Another moral of this article: be absolutely sure someone’s dead. Jean Hillard, a 19-year-old in North Dakota, was found in the snow, frozen solid, and carted off to a hospital where doctors, assuming she was stone cold dead, used an electric blanket to thaw her out just the same. Once she did, she was perfectly alive and totally unscathed by the experience.

How did this happen? No one knows. Even the treating Dr. George Sather said “I can’t explain why she’s alive.”

10. The Killer in a Police Uniform


Carla DaRonch was browsing a Utah bookstore when a police officer approached her and said her car had been broken into in the parking lot, so she should come with him to file a report. Normal enough, but things got suspicious when the officer took Carla to a beat-up VW Bug instead of an average police car. Only when the man pulled out a gun and handcuffs did she kick him in the groin and make her escape.

Guess who that supposed cop was? Infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. And he isn’t the only killer to try pulling this stunt either. Others didn’t have such a happy ending.


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