Against All Odds: No disability could keep them apart

Against All Odds: No disability could keep them apart


World’s smallest bride marries love of her life 

Amanda Fyfe

Amanda Fyfe (Mirror UK)

Amanda Fyfe had a slim chance of dating a man, talkless of getting married and having children as a result of being diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta when she was born.

Amanda Fyfe and Steve after they tied the knot (Mirror UK)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a severe form of brittle bone disease had stunted 31-yr-old Fyfe’s growth at 2ft 8in.

Then she met Steven who was towering above her at 6ft 1in and fell in-love with him after a few dates.

“When I was younger, I was so scared I wouldn’t be able to find a boyfriend because of my size.

“But all my dreams have come true and I’ve met the perfect man. He’s never cared about my height and loves me the way I am, ”the happy bride recalled her special moment.

The newlyweds met in 2007 but began dating two years later. Fyfe found out she was pregnant three months later that she was pregnant with her son Aidan who is now six years old.

In May 2012, Steven proposed over a romantic dinner without a ring, as no ring could fit her finger.

Speaking on how Steven, Amanda and Aidan function as a family, the bride says everything is pretty normal like a home should be.

“Apart from the fact that I’m a bit smaller than most mums, we are just a totally normal family,” the bride said.

Proud Amanda Moore is 25 years old and a mother of a son Aidan, whose age is just 14 months. After giving birth to his son, she became the shortest woman ever to give birth in the UK. Last year, Aidan was delivered by Caesarean section. Height of Proud Amanda Moore is just 3ft 1in. and unable to stand because she suffers from a rare bone disease. Her son Aidan towers above her at 2ft 6in. “Aidan could end up being as tall as his father Steven Fyfe, 20 – who is a lanky 6ft 1in,” said Amanda.

Amanda Fyfe, with her husband Steven and son Aidan

They haven’t ruled out having another child even after the stressful pregnancy and the danger of passing on Amanda’s condition,” said by Steven, who works for a taxi firm. He added, “It’s been a struggle but Aidan is doing so well. He’s a big boy and will soon be much bigger than his mother. When Amanda became pregnant doctors told us she or the baby could die, or even both of them,” and “But they are both fighting fit and we are a very lucky family. We are not ruling out having another child – Aidan would make a great big brother.

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“If you’re that in love, age doesn’t mean a thing. Even though my mind was young and my heart was young — somewhere inside my head I was mentally old enough.”

–Bill Ott

“You know that scene in ‘Dirty Dancing’ where Baby meets Johnny for the first time? It was kind of like that.”

–Shelley Belgard

Bill Ott, 36, and Shelley Belgard, 39, met at a local social club in Maryland when he was 12 and she was 15.Bill will always remember the moment he met Shelley Belgard. It was in spring 1988. He was 12 and sometimes shy. Into music, sports and, suddenly, girls.

Shelley was three years older, chatty and outgoing. They’d both shown up at a Montgomery County social club looking for friends, fun and the kind of acceptance that seems so elusive during teen life.

He has Down syndrome and she has intellectual disability, as Ellen McCarthy tells it in her beautiful article for The Washington Post. “I didn’t know what love was until I met her,” Bill said. He took Shelley to his junior and senior prom, then they lost touch after high school. They reconnected when both signed up for a Caribbean cruise for people with disabilities. They married in September; for their first dance, they chose At Last.





“For the last part, I ditched the Segway and got on the end of Melissa’s armrest and she drove me around,” Cooper, 38, said. “That was fun.

Cooper and Crisp both have cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that often impairs movement and varies greatly from one person to another: He walks with a subtle limp and she uses a power wheelchair — and their wheels help them get around.


The new Mrs. Crisp-Cooper, who is a freelance writer, wrote the program, including their vows. The couple took turns reading them and shared the last line: “I promise to roll across our uncharted future, get lost along the way, and discover all the beauty, surprise, and love inherent in our journey.”

“We’re both really into going about our lives as the people that we are,” Cooper said. “It’s not all about disability all the time. It’s mostly just about living your life. Mostly, disability is second and life is first.”

Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments
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The couple Ahmad 26 and his wife Fatima 25-year-old are disabled. They were married last year. Ahmad has a disability of both hands and Fatima of both feet. The couple though with disabilities is strong in the field of artwork and activities.

Always enjoy life, no matter how hard it seems!When life give you a thousand reasons to cry. Show the world that You have million reasons to SMILE!!!





By Julia Lynn Rubin | Aug 05, 2013


People fall in love every day, but how often do their dogs bring them together? And they’re not just any dogs, as soon-to-be married couple Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey are blind, and their dogs are seeing eye guide dogs who lead them to fall in love, KSL reports.

Johnson met Gaffey during a training course for their guide dogs, the two canines, Rodd and Venice, immediately running to each other and becoming instant friends. Over the two-week course, the dogs became inseparable.

“During the training out two dogs, Rodd and Venice, seemed to know something we didn’t,” Gaffey, 52, told the Telegraph. “They were always playing together and nuzzling up together.” Gaffey said that even the trainers noticed the attraction between the dogs and called their match-up the “love and romance of the course.”

Soon enough, they fell in love. Gaffey proposed to Johnson on camera for the British ITV show “Me and My Guide Dog,” repeating the proposal four times so the camera crew could get the perfect shot.

“It was a lovely surprise when he proposed the first time on Valentines’ Day, but I got proposed to four times that day because he kept going down on one knee,” Johnson said. “I suppose I can never say I will forget the day I got engaged. And it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for our dogs.”

As for their pooches, Rodd and Venice are still “very much in love,” the couple says, sleeping in the same dog bed together and “are as much as a couple as me and Mark,” according to Johnson.

Though he doesn’t necessarily believe in fate, Gaffey does think the coincidence of he and Johnson signing up for the same course was a big one.




Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic, is a Serbian motivational speaker, born the 4th of December 1982 in Australia, with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. He has no arms, nor legs, and as a child, he struggled not only physically, but also, and above all, mentally and emotionally, attempting suicide at the age of 10. However, he claimed he found in love, hope and faith the strength to overcome the difficulties he had to go through on a daily basis, and, at the age of seventeen, he started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Subsequently, he became a motivational speaker, having reached over three million people in more than 24 countries all over the world. He speaks to corporate audiences, congregations, and above all in schools, being one of his primary focus, teen problems. He says that he keeps a pair of shoes in his closet due to his belief in miracles. In 2005 Vujicic was nominated for the Young Australian of the Year Award.


The life story of Nick becomes even more amazing when it comes to love. Nick was convinced that he would have never got married, because none would have wanted to spend the life with him. However, in 2008, at the age of 26, he met his soul mate, Kanae Miyahara and they fell in love at the first sight. Before Kanae met Nick, she dated other guys for the physical aspect, but “the moment I met Nick, I was looking for other thing, and all the things I found in him…” Kanae said in an interview, “…he might not be perfect on the outside, but he is the perfect match for me.” Nick said: “It was electric, when she stood by me, it just felt right.”

This is a beautiful and inspiring story of True Love and the couple said that they have many extraordinary reactions from people who see them and come up to them in tears, thanking them to proofing the existence of true love.

Nick and Kanae got married on the 12th of February 2012, and just one year later, on the 13th of February 2013, their son Kiyoshi James Vujicic was born. They currently live as an happy family in Los Angeles, California.


The world’s smallest mother, Stacey Herald


Despite the threat to the life of 35-year-old Stacey Herald, the growth of which only 71 cm (2ft 4ins), has decided to become a mother for the third time.

The 35 years old from Dry Ridge, Kentucky, USA suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta,  which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs which means she failed to grow.

With her husband Will, who, by the way, height 174 cm, Stacy met in supermarket in their hometown in 2000 and married in 2004. Immediately decided not to protect themselves, although doctors and even parents begged them not to do so. But the couple wanted to have many children.

But doctors warned Stacey a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body and it will eventually crushed her organs.

She said: ‘Three children is a handful at the moment, but I can see us having more babies in the future.

‘We listen to doctors and respect them, but they don’t always get it right, so we end up doing what we feel is best.’


The latest addition to the Herald brood is baby Malachi, seven months, who has inherited his mother’s condition, along with her eldest daughter Kateri, three. Second daughter Makya, two, is average sized.

Malachi, who was born by a rare vertical caesarian in November, was only allowed home last month after suffering breathing difficulties.

‘Malachi was born without any broken bones,’ said Stacey .’People with our condition are often born with broken arms and legs because our bones are fragile and can be damaged by the birth.’

But Malachi, who was five inches and 2lb 1oz, had to be placed into an incubator in intensive care.

At 17 days old he fell seriously ill with a virus and then at four weeks he suffered a life-threatening hernia and was rushed in for surgery.

‘At one point they told us his heart had stopped and we thought he might not survive,’ said Stacey. ‘But thankfully the doctors managed to save him. It felt like a miracle to us.’

Malachi, who has small arms and legs because of his condition, grew stronger and was finally able to come home with his mum and dad a month ago.

Stacey is now getting to grips with being a mum of three and the couple have made special adaptations to their home-life to help her cope.

‘I’ve explained that they’re all special babies, but that the girls will have to be careful with Malachi, until he’s a bit older,’ Mrs Herald said.

 ‘When we found out Malachi had my condition it was hard.

‘But we knew we would be the best support possible for him, because Kateri and I have both been there already.’

Mr Herald takes care of night feeding and nappy changing because it’s too difficult for Stacey, although she does breastfeed the baby during the day.

She also baths the children and changes nappies in the day using a specially-built platform, where she can look after them while staying in her chair.

The family’s cupboards are organised so she can reach everything she needs to when her husband isn’t home.

‘We’re pretty busy right now,’ she said. ‘Sleep is something we really miss.

‘Three children would be a challenge for anyone – even normal sized people.’

Stacey, who uses a wheelchair, struggles to cope with daughter Makya, who is already a foot taller than her.

‘I can’t physically stop Makya if she’s upset,’ she said. ‘She’s too big for me now, so Wil has to take care of that.’

Stacey believes the new baby has brought her even closer to her husband than before.
‘I didn’t think it was possible to love him more,’ she said. ‘But since we’ve had our son I think I fall for Wil a bit more each day.’

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