BEAUTY: Beauty Standard Around The World
July 27, 2018

Each country has definition of beauty. Many of the beauty standards in the world can seem unattainable. They can be quite overwhelming for any woman who doesn’t fit in the very specific mold society has deemed “beautiful.” They say beauty … Continue reading

FASHION: 2018 Hairstyle for Men
February 16, 2018

Shared all images of men’s haircuts owned by Men’s Hairstyles Now Undercut Fade with Hard Part  Source: Men’s Hairstyles Today   High Skin Fade with Line Up and Pompadour   Curly Hair on Top with High Bald Fade   Mid Skin Fade … Continue reading

BEAUTY AND FASHION: Then and Now African Hairstyles
January 29, 2018

Black hair has always had the power to set trends and reflect societal attitudes. Image: Benny Harlem.. Afro Style Image: J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere Shangalti (1971) – Afro cool Image: Afro Big hair afro fashion style! Awesome! All time old school swag! … Continue reading