Yellow: Color Personality
March 27, 2016

Your Personality Color To discover your personality color, ask yourself: what is my favorite color? Answer this question now before reading any further. Don’t think about it, be spontaneous with your answer; accept the first color that comes into your … Continue reading

BEAUTY: Hairstyles and Its History
March 14, 2016

A hairstyle, hairdo, or haircut refers to the styling of hair, usually on the human scalp. The fashioning of hair can be considered an aspect of personal grooming, fashion, and cosmetics, although practical, cultural, and popular considerations also influence some … Continue reading

Modesty And Its Many Forms
February 12, 2016

Modesty is conscious Purity; Purity is unconscious Modesty. Modesty may be known under any veil; Purity cannot be certainly known until every veil has fallen away. ~ RICHARD GARNETT, De Flagello Myrtes     Simple Definition of modesty : the … Continue reading

Beauty: Most Common Synonyms
February 3, 2016

Your native language probably has an elaborate selection of words to describe beauty and attraction, but you probably only know a few in English.  By creating a rich vocabulary, you enrich your English and sound much more natural. 1. Cute … Continue reading