LOVE: “Oh I am simply wild about you. I feel positively sure that no man could love a woman more than I love you,” Fairbanks wrote, Stars of the Golden Age
March 21, 2018

Wikipedia: Gladys Louise Smith, known professionally as Mary Pickford was born on April 8, 1892, in Toronto. In 1909, she appeared in 40 movies for D.W. Griffith’s American Biograph company. She also worked as a producer and co-founded United Artists, with Charlie … Continue reading

FASHION: 2018 Hairstyle for Men
February 16, 2018

Shared all images of men’s haircuts owned by Men’s Hairstyles Now Undercut Fade with Hard Part  Source: Men’s Hairstyles Today   High Skin Fade with Line Up and Pompadour   Curly Hair on Top with High Bald Fade   Mid Skin Fade … Continue reading

BEAUTY AND FASHION: Then and Now African Hairstyles

Black hair has always had the power to set trends and reflect societal attitudes. Image: Benny Harlem.. Afro Style Image: J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere Shangalti (1971) – Afro cool Image: Afro Big hair afro fashion style! Awesome! All time old school swag! … Continue reading

PHOTOGRAPHS: Iconic Photos Of People Around The World
January 20, 2018

“Young suffragettes promoting the women’s exhibition in Knightbridge, London”, 1909, By Christina Broom Image: BuzzFeed Bishareen children, Aswan, Egypt, 1914, byHelen Messinger Murdoch In 1907, Messinger Murdoch discovered the Autocrome colour process originated by the Lumière brothers and used in her … Continue reading