Child Bride (Cocorosie Lyrics)

Child Bride (Cocorosie Lyrics)

“Child Bride”

It’s hard to tell
This is my wedding night
I am dressed and ready
Beside my innocence
It is Hard to tell
Whose little girl am I
The man with the black hat
Will take me home tonight
I wash my body, five years grown
Promised father, leave me alone
Hope not too lonely
You pull away down the dusty road
Family waiting
Hope not too lonely

I watched the grass blow
Through the window
I am a good grass widow
I am a grass widow
News from the sparrow
My friendly fellow
They get along just fine without me
They are never lonely

I watched the flowers grow,
Outside my window
I am a good grass widow
I am a grass widow…

CocoRosie were inspired to write a song that dealt with the dark journey of a child bride.

Emma wanted to create a dark and fable like imagining of a child brides journey. She didn’t want to make it culturally too specific as it’s practised in many countries and by many cultures.

Emma had always planned to shoot our young bride, the amazing 8 year old Imogen Verocchi lip syncing and singing the song, but because she was so young, we weren’t expecting that she would be up for it. We tried a couple of takes and she was struggling a little, but on the third take with a little coaching from Emma, she suddenly totally rose to the occasion.

She sang it with defiance and a knowing that had me and my focus puller in tears as she sang. That one single take is what it’s in the clip now and is one of the most special and amazing shots I’ve ever been a part of”, John Brawley, Director of Photography of Child Bride, July 17, 2013.



Child Bride in Emma Freeman’s Child Bride


Director Emma Freeman

Director, Producer & Editor: Emma Freeman













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