The Lotus Birth 

The term Lotus Birth has been used to describe spiritual teachers, emphasizing their entrance to this world be intact. The thought of keeping baby and placenta attached after birth may seem disturbing or dangerous to most who hear it. But once you look into this sacred journey you start seeing through new eyes.

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Before doctors came into the birthing picture where clamping cords immediately after birth became normal procedure. It was midwives who delivered babies. It was not as rushed and the cord was not immediately clamped after birth. The mother bonded with baby, skin to skin, and breastfeeding was initiated. Then when the cord was no longer pulsating blood to the baby It was clamped and cut away. The placenta then prepared for encapsulation, juicing, or other plans of beneficial use.
But with the Lotus Birth everything slows down and is cherished a little more. The Lotus birth is not clamping or cutting the cord but rather leaving it intact. Making the transition from womb to this new world a lot easier.

Something we often over look is how special the placenta is not just to us but to baby. Your baby was connected and grew with this placenta for ten months. It’s very life came from this placenta. Keeping the placenta intact also means baby can stay connected to Mommy and she stays at baby’s side longer. Its so easy to get swept away in this chaotic world that’s revolved around time. Everyone has something to do or somewhere to go.

We forget that birth is a sacred moment that doesn’t end when baby takes their first breath but continues until baby releases itself from the placenta. Time slows down for mama and as it should to put all of her energy to focus on baby. Allowing the placenta and baby to part on baby’s owtime ratherthan cutting this connection away. Cords are cut all over the world and have been for many years but no one ever questions why.

Cord cutting started in hospitals to make the process quicker so that mothers could be quickly moved out of the birthing room to make room for the next patient to deliver. This need to cut the cord led families to believe they need medical help to deliver a baby. And the doctors who still practice clamping and cutting cords right after birth create a false sense of fear in birth when there is no need to clamp or even cut the cord at all.


The Lotus Birth

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The Attached Placenta

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