PHOTOGRAPHY: Iconic Photos of Celebreties
January 28, 2018

  Elvis Presley: A soldier in Germany- a very distinguished US soldier began his military service in Germany. Elvis Presley was already a rock star by then. Though he couldn’t perform during his service, he left behind many musical traces.When … Continue reading

PHOTOGRAPHS: Iconic Photos Of People Around The World
January 20, 2018

“Young suffragettes promoting the women’s exhibition in Knightbridge, London”, 1909, By Christina Broom Image: BuzzFeed Bishareen children, Aswan, Egypt, 1914, byHelen Messinger Murdoch In 1907, Messinger Murdoch discovered the Autocrome colour process originated by the Lumière brothers and used in her … Continue reading

QUOTES: Change and Be Confident
December 15, 2017

CHANGE AND BE CONFIDENT.. Image: The People Equation If your plan is no longer working for you, you may consider changing to a plan that better suits your needs or you can upgrade to a new plan if you are eligible.Image: Medium … Continue reading