Photography: Beauty of Different Cultures Around The World

Photography: Beauty of Different Cultures Around The World


~ It is not easy to be stranded between two worlds, the sad truth is that we can never feel completely comfortable in either world but We can pave new roads towards peace simply by understanding other cultures. ~


Beyoncé showcases a western beauty ideal, which Indian women have been struggling to meet for decades. Photograph: Coldplay


Ideals of beauty in different world 


The Afrocentric paradigm is a revolutionary shift in thinking proposed as a constructural adjustment to black disorientation, decenteredness, and lack of agency. The Afrocentrist asks the question, “What would African people do if there were no white people?”  In other words, what natural responses would occur in the relationships, attitudes toward the environment, kinship patterns, preferences for colors, type of religion, and historical referent points for African people if there had not been any intervention of colonialism or enslavement? Afrocentricity answers this question by asserting the central role of the African subject within the context of African history, thereby removing Europe from the center of the African reality. In this way, Afrocentricity becomes a revolutionary idea because it studies ideas, concepts, events, personalities, and political and economic processes from a standpoint of black people as subjects and not as objects, basing all knowledge on the authentic interrogation of location. (By: Dr. Molefi Kete Asante,

All  women and girls are considered beautiful in the cultures they live in. Some of you may say that some of these women are beautiful, while others may disagree.

What does beauty really mean to you? To Mihaela Noroc, a 29 year old photographer from Romania, it means diversity. Beauty is something that exists in everyone, she believes, regardless of what’s trending at the moment. Mihaela is particularly interested in women who have a strong bond to their cultural roots, which is reflected in her photographic project, The Atlas of Beauty.

The Atlas of Beauty shows women from all different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The 29 year old photographer says that she hopes that we will never aim to all look the same way. ‘Everyone should cultivate their own beauty rather than copying something’ says Mihaela ‘because the original is better than a copy’.

Kichwa woman in Amazonian rainforest

The ideal of beauty is subject to the changing times. Beauty was from antiquity to the Rococo up not primarily cause of women: for men the ideal of beauty was much more central than in the centuries that followed. They dressed the respective mode accordingly, wore silk stockings and high-heeled pumps and silk used if it corresponded to the zeitgeist, powder and wig. (

Thailand: HMONG tribe costume of northern Thailand

Northern Thai

Nasir al-Mulk, Iran


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Clothing is also today still strongly interwoven with the ideal of beauty. On catwalk models will be presented that are portable only for models with ideal figure. Women with normal figure reaching for other clothing. Trend is that not only clothes, but the body language desSchönheitsideals itself: The skin is blooming with tattoos and piercings to an exhibition space, the cult of youth and the longing for perfect beauty blank plastic surgery. Diet pills underline the thinness, the (re) can boom the anorexia.

Modern beauty


Panama and Nicaragua




East Slavic




Belorussian costume



Beauty is still primarily a matter for the woman, but man must wonder today whether he has the demonstrable washboard abs. As the boundaries between man and woman-being, although this is less an expression of equality, but a sign that ideals of beauty have nothing to do with women and femininity, but with political and financial interests, culture and history. (

Modern beauty

Maramures, Romania

Colombian African

Anatolia Kurdish

The Circassians are one of the oldest nations in the European North Caucasus.


Tibet.. Himalaya


Bridgend, South Wales


Costume of Gavoi, Nuoro Sardegna





l Irish Dress For Woman

Hmong, Thailand



 Sexy means: exciting, stimulating, seductive, alluring, sensual, tantalizing, sensual, luscious, and tempting. Other informal and crude synonyms include: raunchy, horny, pornographic, and vulgar. According to Urban Dictionary, sexy is now used to describe things people like (e.g., “That is a sexy mobile phone.”). In other words, if one cannot think of another word, the word “sexy” is used. Eye-catching people and things are considered sexy. Our society has come a long way from the thinking that a beautiful mind is more important than an attractive body or face. Today, it is all about looking prettier, sexier, and better; thinking comes secondary. (

Hindi–n woman from India…. In India, body art is considered both sexy and holy. Tattoos are considered sexy. A nose ring also adds to the sexiness of a lady. Applying henna is considered to be the epitome of sexy. It takes a few hours to apply henna, and there is additional time needed for it to dry. However, the results are simply amazing. Henna makes you look all the more enticing and beautiful. Bindis make a woman look gorgeous and elegant at the same time. They are also important religion symbols. (


Beauty of Ghana

Thailand: The female members of the Kayan tribe (situated on the border between Burma and Thailand) have another ideal of beauty. Burma, also known as Myanmar, practices a strange tradition. Women here wear multiple coils made up of brass around their necks. This pushes down their shoulders and gives the illusion that they have a long neck. They begin this tradition at a young age. As the girl grows, more and more coils are added. This practice is considered somewhat controversial. They have defied the body’s limits by neck lengthening, but on the whole this custom is said to give the women of Burma a feeling of empowerment and make them look sexier. (

And so on....Australia, New Zealand, Canada. Representation matters. Stop the whitewashing of the world. Cultural annihilation.: Hidden Faces, Africana Blackandbrownlove, Private Face, Cultures Darker, Black History, White Faces, African History

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Rendille woman wearing a mud hat, Kenya, Photo: Eric Lafforgue.



Hakahau, Polynesia


South Africa

Hammar , Ethiopia

Nyangatom, Bume or Buma woman pouring sorghum in a calabash, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, Africa

Nyangatom, Bume or Buma woman



Polynesian, Tahiti





Quechuan woman

Lakota Indian Woman

Native American



Iran is well known as the nose job capital of the world. People here feel proud to flaunt their bandages, even keeping them on their noses for longer than required. Even if one has not gotten a nose job, it is a general practice here to buy surgical tape just to make others think that you have had a nose job. It is ironic how people in the US and other countries would prefer keeping plastic surgeries a secret, but Iranian people view them with a sense of pride. (


Native American Indian

Gipsies, Carnival, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Kikuyu woman

Uitgezakte oorlellen, Africa

Moorea, French Polynesia

Republic of Georgia



Bosnia and Herzegovina



Samburu, Kenya

Rendille woman wearing a mud hat, Kenya, Photo: Eric Lafforgue…( …. Women of Kenya practice lip plating. It starts off as a piercing and is expanded as time passes. It represents the power of females and their self-confidence. When a girl is twelve to thirteen years old, this practice begins. Women build their own lip plate. This allows them to gain complete control over the piercing. The women of Kenya also shave their heads and stretch their earlobes to look sexy. (

Wodaabe, Nigeria


Akha, Laos


The Arbore tribe are ethnically of Cushitic origin and are essentially pastoralist grazing their cattle and goats in the harsh environment of the Omo River Valley



Pokot , Kenya

Rajasthan Gypsy, India


A beautiful Ladakhi girl in her traditional dress (Ladakh – Kashmir)

Moroccan Berber Lady

1995 Moroccan Girl


Moroccan Berber Girl


Chinese Tajik




Indigenous Agender

Aboriginal face paint : Mursi and Surma girls from Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa By Hans Silvester

Today’s face modification

In Ethiopia, people consider body scars sexy. While people across the world will do most anything to hide their scars, Ethiopians flaunt them. At a very young age, women have scars cut into their stomachs in intricate designs. This is done to attract a husband. Men also practice scarification. (

South America


Bagel heads (saline injections to the forehead)

Tribal make- up


















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