The Miracle of The Gelatin Recipe – Will Heal Pain in Your Back, Legs, Ankles

The Miracle of The Gelatin Recipe – Will Heal Pain in Your Back, Legs, Ankles

If you suffer from joint pain, pains in the back or legs, than you know that it is quite an uncomfortable issue. Most often, these conditions are treated by using certain balms and sprays, as well as painkillers, but this article will present a completely natural remedy to cure the pain.

The below recipe is an effective way of relieving back pain and pain of the joints and legs. Its main ingredient is gelatin. It contains two amino acids, proline and hidrosiprolin which are beneficial for the recovery of the connective tissue. Moreover, gelatin provides strength to the joints and heart muscles, improves metabolism, and improves skin health.



  • 5.5 oz / 150 grams of any edible organic gelatin
  • Cold Water (2 oz)

Method of preparation:

Pour about two teaspoons of edible organic gelatin in a quarter of a glass (2 oz ) filled with refrigerated cold water and mix well. Then, cover the glass and keep it overnight. The gelatin will form a jelly.


Drink this remedy early in the morning on an empty stomach. In order to enrich its flavor, you can add water and honey, or mix yogurt or sour milk.

It is stated that this effective method relieves pain in 7 days. However, consume it for one month and repeat the procedure after 6 months. This will provide lubrication to the joints and reduce the pain.



Benefits of Gelatin

(Apologies to our vegetarian/vegan readers! Close your eyes, plug your ears, do what you have to do – this article is probably not for you.)

Add gelatine to your diet to increase metabolism and treat non-seasonal allergies.

What is Gelatin

Gelatin is nothing more than a processed version of the structural protein collagen found in many animals, and in humans. Collagen makes up almost one-third of all the protein in the human body. Collagen is a fibrous protein that strengthens the body’s connective tissues, allowing them to be elastic so they can stretch without breaking. As you get older, your body makes less collagen, and individual collagen fibers become increasingly cross-linked with each other. You might experience this as stiff joints from less flexible tendons, or wrinkles due to loss of skin elasticity. Gelatin can come from the collagen in cow or pig bones, hides and connective tissues.

Gelatin also contains 18 amino acids. Many of these amino acids are essential, meaning they can’t be produced by our bodies, and must be taken in as part of our diet.

Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin is a multi-use remedy, with a diverse list of benefits. This is by no means an exhaustive list of things you may notice with more gelatin in your diet, but it’s a good start.

  • It can help aid digestion and even heal digestive disorders.
  • Taking gelatin is a good way to get more protein in your diet. (Think picky eaters, pregnant women who need to boost protein intake, or those eating a mostly plant-based diet.) Adding gelatin to food is an excellent way to supplement protein without having to fill up on extra food. It should not, however, be your only source of protein since gelatin is not a complete protein. When taken with food, it helps your body better utilize other proteins and nutrients.
  • The use of gelatin improves hair quality, growth, and texture. Long term use can make hair shiny and strong.
  • Since our bodies make less collagen as we age, gelatin can improve skin health by providing more elasticity.
  • Daily consumption of gelatin has been shown to improve nail strength and rate of growth.
  • Supplementing with gelatin can be beneficial for overall joint and bone health, and has been shown to reduce joint pain related to arthritis.
  • Gelatin is a much better alternative to protein powders, which often contain artificial sweeteners and/or preservatives.
  • Gelatin has a protein sparing effect, helping to take the edge off hunger.
  • It can also promote a more restful night of sleep.

Ways to Get Gelatin in Your Diet

  • Take unflavored gelatin powder as a daily supplement. Mix 1 Tbsp with room temperature liquids twice per day.
  • Incorporate more homemade bone broth into your daily diet. Drink it warm, use it to flavor rice or pasta dishes, or use as a base for soups.
  • These scrumptious homemade marshmallows are a tasty treat that includes gelatin.
  • Make your own gelatin squares using unflavored gelatin and real fruit juice or honey to sweeten.
  • Add powdered gelatin to homemade soups for thickening.
  • Throw it into a smoothie, you won’t even notice it’s there.
  • Dissolve gelatin in your hot cereals.
  • Add it to hot drinks, like tea or coffee.
  • Gelatin can be used to thicken homemade yogurt, kefir, or sauces that turn out too thin.
  • It can even be used in making homemade baby formula!

Ideally, you should be consuming a homemade gelatin-rich bone broth a few times every day. However, this doesn’t always happen, so you take a powdered gelatin supplement. I eat 1 tablespoon of gelatin in a drink or meal twice every day.

Where to get gelatin

Although you can purchase unflavored powdered gelatin at any grocery store (in the dessert aisle), the have done some research and found one they really like.Great Lakes Gelatin is a very high quality brand, and is the one they use. If you purchase the kosher beef gelatin, it is from grass fed cows, and the company states that beef hides (not a mystery blend of parts) are the only product used in producing their kosher beef gelatin. Their product is free from any preservatives or added sugars, and is minimally processed.

If you have a favorite way of incorporating gelatin into your diet, share with the community!



What Are the Health Benefits of Knox Gelatin?

| By Jill Corleone

What Are the Health Benefits of Knox Gelatin?
Three cakes of gelatin, green, red and blue sit upright on a white counter. Photo Credit Thinkstock Images/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Other than being a recognizable brand name, Knox gelatin is no different than any other flavorless gelatin made from the collagen in animals. As a source of collagen, Knox gelatin has been touted to help in the treatment of arthritis, but there’s no evidence to support such claims. The gelatin is low in calories and contains no fat or carbs.

Knox Nutrition

One serving of Knox gelatin has 6 calories and 1 gram of protein per serving. It’s flavorless and odorless and makes a good low-cal thickening agent for desserts, jams and jellies. You can also use it to add body to egg whites and whipped cream, according to the Knox website.

Knox and Arthritis

In the 1990s, a study conducted at Ball State University showed that gelatin helped decrease joint pain in athletes better than a placebo. This study was never published in any peer-reviewed scientific journal, however, according to the Arthritis Foundation. In fact, when you eat Knox gelatin, your body treats it like any other food, digesting the collagen into amino acids, which are then used as your body needs them, not specifically for your joints.



Influence of Aging on the Skin Quality  : although they were more irregular and dilated in samples from women aged > 60 years (Figure 3).



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    • plan on starting to use gelatin in my diet too. A word about the ‘thinning hair’, if I may: I had this for years, and finally learned it was likely the sodium laurel/eth sulfates in shampoo. So I found a knock-off of Wen : Hair One, at Sally Beauty Sply for 1/4 the cost! It works.. using a few weeks, hair loss improved. I also started taking Biotin tablets. I’m figuring gelatin might also aid in hair re-growth as well.

    • Betsy JabsBetsy Jabs

      Hana is right…collagen (where gelatin comes from) is too large to pass through the skin. All those beauty products containing collagen that claim to eliminate cellulite or wrinkles…they don’t work because our skin can’t absorb the truly beneficial ingredients.

  1. Deanna

    One year ago this month I wasn’t able to walk very well and very far due to bad knees. I knew I would eventually have to have one or both replaced. A Canadian relative related that his doctor told him to try Knox unflavored gelatin 2xday. At this point I was trying everything I could NOT to have surgery. I have been very religious about taking this. After less than 2 weeks I was walking well. I could not believe it. Also I started Osteo Bi-flex supplements. Here I am today one year later walking as if my knees were normal, but who is to say they are not now? I get a box of 32 envelopes for just a little more than $7 here in Florida and Michigan.

    • tori

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for the anecdote. You can read stuff, but without people saying how it worked for them, it all seems a moote point.


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