VIRAL PEOPLE: She Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins, But Was Shocked When The Doctor Told Her The Truth

VIRAL PEOPLE: She Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins, But Was Shocked When The Doctor Told Her The Truth

Only 1 in 52 million natural pregnancies are like this; her doctors had never seen anything like it.

Family Share: When Oksana Kobletskaya learned she was pregnant with her second child, her family was elated. Newsner reported that she and her husband Sergey already had a three-year-old girl and were eager to give her a baby brother. Oksana suspected from the beginning that she had more than one baby in her tummy. But she had no idea just how many babies were in there.


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At 37, Oksana was hopeful that this was her second and final pregnancy. She and her husband had decided they only wanted to have two children. However, when she went to the ultrasound, Oksana got a huge surprise.

providr: When She Got To The Hospital Doctors Had Never Seen Anything Like This

Every day, all sorts of unique births occur around the world. For example, the highest number of babies born at once was recorded twice in history: once in 1999, when a Malaysian woman gave birth to five boys and four girls, and in 1971, when an Australian woman gave birth to the same number of boys and girls. In most cases where the mother is pregnant with more than four babies, the newborns don’t survive past their first week of life. Some of the risks a mother can face during a multiple pregnancy include:

  • Hypertension
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Postnatal hemorrhage

Doctors usually suggest that mothers carrying more than four babies have a procedure called selective reduction, which brings down the number of fetuses to four or two. It’s a very difficult decision to make, but in most cases it’s the one that ensures the mother and the children have a chance at surviving. So it’s no surprise when a case of healthy quintuplets makes the news; it’s basically a miracle!

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This is the story of 36-year-old Oksana Kobletskaya and her husband Sergey, both residents of Odessa, Ukraine. The couple already had a daughter (from Sergey’s previous relationship) so they were hoping for a boy child so as to complete their family.


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Another honest reason of hoping for just a single child was because the couple could afford raising only the two children, but never in their wildest dreams did they expect their story to be one in 55 million.

On the official Facebook page for the family, Odessa Five, Oksana Kobletskaya tells the story of how she went in for an ultrasound at 8 weeks. The doctor assumed it was a routinely case of twins, but when she took a closer look and was shocked at what she saw.

In fact, she was so surprised, that Oksana thought something was wrong with her.

The doctor then quickly became overjoyed when she counted the number of potential babies in Oksana’s belly. She said there were so many, she couldn’t give the mother an exact number.




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News Republic: Oksana could not believe the same, as never even a case of twins had been recorded in Sergey’s or her family. “Neither of our families had ever had twins, I was sure that it wouldn’t happen to me either.” said Oksana during an interview.

Family Share: “I did not expect it, nor did I ever expect it,” Oksana said. “In our families there are no cases of twins or a single case of this kind. When I saw the doctor’s face, my heart stopped for a moment,” he said, “Then I heard him mutter something like: You should get a big house by the sea.”

  • A spectacular birth

    At 30 weeks, Denis, Dariya, Vladislav, Oleksandra and David (3 boys and 2 girls) were welcomed into the world. A great medical team was waiting for them, with more than eight professionals.

News Republic: She went into labor after just 30 weeks of pregnancy and delivered 5 children, a record of sorts. I was assisted by eight doctors. “They treated me like a china doll, they were extremely careful,” shared Oksana.

The doctors performed a caesarean section to deliver quintuplets which includes the three boys and two girls. By god’s grace, each baby was blessed with a perfect health.

Looking at their financial condition, the government offered them a house. Today, the kids are doing well and the Kobletskayas household is one happy place.

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In their 2 months of age it was very easy to work with them because they were all sleeping all the time. So this is a nice story of love and friendship which began now with this photo-shoot. Source: Slavorum


Family Share: 

  • Why is a quintuplet pregnancy so rare?

  • Particularly in the case of this couple, Kobletskaya’s multiples come as a shock because her family has no previous history of twins or multiples. In fact, only one pregnancy at 52 million ends up as quintuplets. The Kobletskaya couple never would never have imagined that they would conceive five children together.
  • Does history matter?

  • According to Baby Center, a family history of multiples in a single pregnancy increases your chances of having them.
  • According to the same source, women who have twins in their family are more likely to have them than women who have no family history of twins. If the father has a family history of twins, that greater probability will be transferred to his daughter.


The incredible birth made history, since the quintuplets were the first set born in Ukrania.



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