10 Foods and Tips in Beating Stress, Sadness and Sleepiness

10 Foods and Tips in Beating Stress, Sadness and Sleepiness

Everyday we are always in a battle with ourselves over 3 S – stress, sadness, and sleepiness. At those times we feel glum and just want the feelings to go away so we can enjoy the day and activities with our loved ones.

Good news is that there are actually  foods and tips that beat stress, sadness, and sleepiness. Here they are:

1. Strawberries

These red fruit contains are believed to fight stress. Experts have discovered it contains magnesium that lessens anxiety levels. Not only that. It has mood-boosting flavonoids.


2. Celery

It has 3-n-butylphthalide that reduces stress hormones in our system.


3. Pineapple

According to experts, depression is caused by low levels of Vitamin C. So, they suggest eating this fruit as it contains about 78.87mg of Vitamin C per cup. That’s high enough to lift your mood.


4. Tuna

This fish has amino acid that aids in boosting dopamine and norepinephrine in your brain – chemicals help make you feel alert.


5. Yogurt

This contains tryptophan that improves your mood. It aids in creating serotonin or the happiness hormone in our system.


6. Butternut Squash Soup

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that of 106 adults who took part in the study, those that has the highest  levels of Omega-3  in their blood  were an incredible 49 to 58 per cent happier, compared to those adults who had lowered levels of  Omega-3. Fantastically, butternut squash is also rich in antioxidants, high in vitamin C and has been linked to blood sugar regulation. That’s the whole load of goodness in one small bowl.


7. Oat Cakes to Conquer Sluggishness

Try eating a platefull of oatcakes. This hearty dish should make you fell more revitalized  because the B vitamins in oats help us to turn carbs into the glucose that fuels our body. To make sure you keep your B vitamin levels topped up today, try to avoid processed foods too. When foods are processed the B vitamin is often destroyed. So, boost your energy levels ditch the junk foods and stick to the natural, fresh ingredients.

If you are not fan of oatcakes or oats, other foods that are high in B vitamin includes: SARDINES, SUNFLOWER SEEDS, ASPARAGUS and LIMA BEANS . Try and includes one of these foods at every meal of your day to conquer your sluggishness.


8. Take 10 Minutes Walking

If you are tight on time, just go for a brisk 10-minute walk. You can get your heart rate up, get your blood circulating and boost your energy level. You might be surprised by how much just 10 minutes of exercise can increase your energy.

diet detective walk for your health

9. Strech

Stretching increases circulation of blood and oxygen to your muscles, which can help improve energy levels, increase your sense of vitality, encourage waste removal from your tissues and help your overall well-being.


10.Lose the Fear

Energize your life by letting go of fear. Whether you fear success or failure or something else entirely, fear can be debilitating. Fear can stop you in your tracks, and it’s usually fed with irrational thoughts. When you lose the fear, you will gain energy.
Your outlook on life improves and you approach your days differently when you amp up your energy level. Live your life full out with these foods and  tips.
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