2016: Year of the Monkey (02/08/16 – 01/27/2017), Chinese Astrology

2016: Year of the Monkey (02/08/16 – 01/27/2017), Chinese Astrology

2016 is the Year of the Monkey according to Chinese zodiac. The Year of the Monkey will start from Feb. 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year) and last to Jan. 27, 2017. The element involve is fire. Monkey is the ninth in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac. The associated energy is yang.

The monkey is a clever animal. It is usually compared to a smart person.

The general image of people in this zodiac sign is of always being smart having a leadership qualities,   energetic,flexible, charismatic,clever and intelligent, especially in their career and wealth. They are lively, flexible, quick-witted and versatile. In addition, their gentleness and honesty bring them an everlasting love life. They would be physically active. Natives are usually fortunate in life that they have all comforts in life. But then their quick-tempered nature might hinder their growth in life. Patience would take them far in life. Furthermore, monkey people should not project too much of them to the public. They are good in making judgements that their family members and friends rely on them for thoughtful and considerate advises in life.

  • Strengths
    enthusiastic, self-assured, sociable, innovative
  • Weaknesses
    jealous, suspicious, cunning, selfish, arrogant

Their negative   traits include being egoistic, arrogant, crafty, restless and snobbish. Monkey natives are usually found to be very skillful. They are quick and intelligent that they often win laurels in studies.

During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 – 476 BC), the dignified Chinese official title of marquis was pronounced ‘Hou’, the same as the pronunciation of ‘monkey’ in Chinese. The animal was thereby bestowed with an auspicious meaning.

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Shen
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Jin (Metal)
Yin Yang: Yang


Lucky Signs for Monkey:

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 8
Lucky Colors: white, gold, blue
Lucky Flowers: chrysanthemum, alliums
Lucky Directions: north, northwest, west

Lucky Numbers and Colors of MonkeyLucky Flowers and Directions of Monkey
Things Should be Avoided:
  • Unlucky Numbers: 2, 5, 9
  • Unlucky Colors: red, black, grey, dark coffee
  • Unlucky Direction: east
Years of the Monkey
  • Feb.20,1920-Feb.7,1921
  • Feb.6,1932-Jan.25,1933
  • Jan.25,1944-Feb.12,1945
  • Feb.12,1956-Jan.30,1957
  • Jan.30,1968-Feb.16,1969
  • Feb.16,1980-Feb.4,1981
  • Feb.4,1992-Jan.22,1993
  • Jan.22,2004-Feb.8,2005
  • Feb.8,2016-Jan.27,2017
  • Jan.26,2028-Feb.12,2029
  • Feb.12,2040-Feb.28,2041
  • Feb.1,2052-Feb.18,2053

 Months of the monkey 

Birth Month –            Personality –                  Best Match –          Best Match
of the Monkey          of the Monkey                 for Girls               For Boys  

January      —                  Practical and       —         Sheep         —       Tiger

February    —                  Optimistic in        —          Rat           —          Snake

March       —                     Has wide interest —       Rat            —            Sheep

April          —                     Positive in life       —         Rabbit      —             Ox

May          —                     Not easily satisfied —       Snake      —              Horse

June         —                     Insensitive to other —        Ox           —             Sheep

July          —                        Eloquent              —          Horse     —            Tiger

August      —                     Well mannered       —          Pig         —            Tiger

September —                   Diffident                   —           Rabbit    —             Horse

October     —                   Energetic and           —           Pig         —             Any

November —                   Has progressive      —           Sheep    —            Sheep

December —                   Fun loving                —           Any sign —             Horse


Monkey – Fortune in 2016

Ambitious goals, switching jobs…

In 2016, the fortune in career is really unpredictable. Monkey people have a lot of ambitions in this year, and they try to realize them to change their current life condition. They may want to switch a new job, start a career on their own or pursue a high education. They are indecisive and hesitant, what makes them less concentrated in their present work. At last, they may achieve nothing in this year. Therefore, they are supposed to stay still in their old career and get improvement step by step, which could be a strong basis for the future development.

Handsome gain, spending problem…

In this year, they can make a fortune easily, but could also run out of money soon. They have a thin awareness of financial management, and cannot take control of the spending problem. They also get a little luck in easy money, but it is better to avoid investing a great deal amount savings in business project. When lending or borrowing money, they should be very cautious, otherwise they may suffer financial woes. It will be quite helpful to make a budget before spending.

 Love and Relationships
Stable marriage, entangled relationships…

Their fortune in relationship and love is favorable, but they are not aware of that. For the married people in Chinese zodiac Monkey sign, their relationship will be in a stable stage, but they may feel constrained. Nagging and complaining will trigger their fury. However, they would better behave patient about these, otherwise squabbles cannot be avoided if they fight back. For single people, they long for true love, but they are entangled in several relationships. Once they adopt a serious and sincere attitude towards love affair, they will gain a long lasting relationship.

Kidney disease possibility, regular exercise…

Their health condition in 2016 is unfavorable according to Chinese zodiac analysis. Special attention should be paid to kidney and skin disease. For the old, once they get asthma, cough or pneumonia, they need to go to hospital at once. Meanwhile, it is suggested to take regular exercise to build up their bodies. In this year, they might be easily irritated, and that also results in some mental sickness. Maintain a peaceful mind and learn to forgive.

 Luck Prediction for Monkeys Born in Different Years
Born in 2004
Age: 12
Children born in 2004 are still in school age. They may be obedient and well-behaved all the time, but in 2016 they will become a bit rebellious and irritable. Losing interest in school work, they cannot make big progress in study. What’s more, they should get more exercise to keep fit.

Born in 1992
Age: 24
They are quite emotional in 2016, and may be upset and worried for trifles, which makes their life miserable and blue. When coming across difficulties, they are advised to turn to seniors who have the resources of experience. For love affair, they may behave out of impulse, but seldom get a sweet ending. Never start a new relationship in a hurry, but wait for the best matched one.

Born in 1980
Age: 36
For People born in 1980 have changeable life in 2016. It is a good year for them to get married, have a baby or buy a house. If they do not have such plans, their fortune might be impacted by sudden changes. In addition, they ought to drive very carefully, for there are potential car accidents. To keep mental fitness, they should also keep positive when confronting unpleasant situation.

Born in 1968
Age: 48
People at age of 48 will spend a stable year, for everything develops in their control. In work field, there may be insidious people playing tricks behind, so they should be cautious when they speaking. Direct squabbles should be avoided, and a modest attitude might be helpful. The best way to get rid of bad mood is to concentrate in work. More attentions should be paid to digestive problems. It is advisable to go on a light diet and avoid eating raw and cold food.

Born in 1956
Age: 60
People born in 1956 have a large room to improve themselves. People occupied in business can expand their career in other cities, and they need to be ready for the possible difficulties. With good fortune in wealth, they can earn handsome income in this year. Besides, they are expected to take precautions to their spending problems.

Love Compatibility of the Monkey

Detailed analysis according to Chinese zodiac compatibility shows that the best matches for Monkeys are Ox, Dragon and Rabbit, which means they will gain a happy and harmonious marriage with people with these signs. Wonderful pairs often appear from these combinations. However, here come some bad matches. They are not suitable with Tiger, Pig and Snake signs.

Here is a detailed love match analysis for reference.

Monkey's Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Best Matches for Monkey Men

Ox Ox brings a practical and sedate feeling to people. The combination with Ox can be a wonderful pair.
Dog Understanding and respect are boosters for this pair. Dog ladies will give enough sense of security to their partner.
Dragon Both of them have big ambitions and common goals. Dragon’s strong points enable the family to have strong cohesion. Their marriage life will be sweet and stable.
Sheep Sheep ladies are lovely and gentle. Their excellent capability can give some help for men’s career. At the same time, they can manage family matters very well and support all family members.

Bad Matches for Monkey Men

Tiger The two usually square accounts in every detail in life. Both of them are egocentric and full of leading desire. In this way, they would never know how to support a family and improve their marriage life.
Pig Even if the two get together because of curiosity at the beginning, marriage life is still a big challenge for them. It’s hard for them to understand each other’s true ideas and feelings, thus the marriage won’t be peaceful.
Snake Snake ladies are sensitive. They don’t like telling their true purposes. This kind of self-protection will make people feel tired. Besides, the two both ask each other to be a perfect person. Obviously, it’s impossible.

Best Matches for Monkey Ladies

Rat The combination is perfect. Optimistic attitude towards life will make them solve troubles together. They can tolerate the shortcomings of each other. They will have a tacit understanding after long-time’s living together.
Rabbit Several common points in their personality add more fun in the marriage. Both of them will hold on to the last until achieving the final goal. Besides a successful career, a happy family is also a success in their life.
Dragon Dragon men always give small but romantic surprises to their partners in order to improve the relationship. This couple has many friends that will help them when necessary. Finally, they will have a cozy and comfortable home.

Bad Matches for Monkey Ladies

Tiger They two don’t have the same sense of worth. It just seems like they don’t live in the same world. In the marriage life, they cannot communicate well because of holding different opinions.
Pig Pig men are not good at talking and communicating. Excessive independence of the two people leads to less romance in life.

 Male Monkey in Love
Gentle, considerate, responsible, romantic

They usually win high popularity among the opposite sex because of their charming characteristics. Love relationships are the most important thing in their life. Soul mates are treasures in their eyes. As long as they love you, if necessary, they can give up their jobs, money, status and everything they have. Their main focus is just to keep the relationship.

When others fall in love with them, their brave and crazy deeds will make people feel satisfied. Long-period sweetness usually promotes a perfect married life. They can fully understand and respect others. If there is any conflict or quarrel, they will behave calmly and try their best to make up the relationship, so they always bring light-hearted love experiences. Meanwhile, they will feel insecure about the future sometimes, so they always ask their partners to stay with them whenever and wherever possible.

After getting married, most of them are loyal to their family. They are born problem-solvers who can deal with trivial things in marriage. They are perfect boyfriends and ideal husbands.

 Female Monkey in Love
Shy, tender, kindhearted, honest

Females with this zodiacal sign are not willing to express their affection openly. They are more conservative about relationships and marriage, because, in their eyes, it is not safe if others know their true feelings. They always observe the man until he starts to tell his feelings. In this way, they often miss many chances to find the right person.

When they fall in love with someone, most of them behave gently and with understanding. If their partner does something wrong, they can always give the second chance. Especially, they enjoy listening to other people’s admiration and praise, especially from their soul mate or husband.

Sometimes they will be a little bit stubborn. At that time, they always ignore useful suggestions. Patience and lenience from lovers will make them calm down quickly.

 How to get along with Monkeys?

An everlasting relationship with them needs much patience and understanding. In daily life, they are sometimes impetuous and irritable. People need to find solutions to make them calm down first, and then get out of troubles together. If this fails, just stay with them and pass through the difficult time together. They need more space and freedom; restricted love will make them feel pressured. Enough trust is needed when getting along with them.

Different Kinds of Monkey People 

> Monkey people born in the morning:

They are polite and active in their career. But they give much importance to their hobbies and interests. They are not stable and steady in their thoughts. They are social animals but they have few true friends in life.

> Monkey people born in the noon:

They are very intelligent. They have a predictive power , active and are outgoing. They like exploring new avenues. They are well-tempered and are independent in life.

> Monkey people born in the evening:

They are loyal, charitable and honest. They finish anything they start positively. They are faithful to the task they are given. They usually have  troublesome young age but their middle and old age would be fruitful.


Ideal Jobs For the Monkey People:

The ideal jobs for them are professional sportsmen, stockbrokers, lawyers, etc. Jobs like actors, writers, journalists, and diplomats could also suit them. They also make good career in constructions, real state, hardware, household electrical appliances, catering, software, E-commerce, insurance, banking and more.








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