A Filipina Teacher Great Sacrifice: Walking for 2 Hours, Crossing 5 Rivers to Reach School

A Filipina Teacher Great Sacrifice: Walking for 2 Hours, Crossing 5 Rivers to Reach School


There is a great teacher of Philippines name Miss Elizabeth Miranda who has a big heart  to educate her students in remote  place of Sitio Barogante, Occidental Mindoro.

Miranda bears to walk for two hours and crosses five rivers daily to reach the school for her dream and hope that someday, all her sacrifices will create impact to her students that eventually  spread series of changes in her community.

To avoid too hot trek, Miranda has to leave her house so early. But the hardest part of her daily commute is when it rains due to the strong flows of current in the river that she has to bravely cross. Although, there are no bridges,  there are rivers that she could easily  cross but there are also that she can’t cross by foot and she is forced to hire the services of the natives who bring salbabidas (life preservers) modified so she could sit inside while they swim to push her across. And that she is very thankful that there are locals who are willing to help her in crossing the stream everyday.

It is her heroic act  to willingly goes through each passing week just so she could teach the young minds of Sitio Barogante.

There are times that Miranda is uncertain and wants to quit. She is hesitant that she can change things for the better in this place especially the classroom is only a small hut, with students of different ages/level, devoid of  conveniences and educational tools or modern gadgets.  But with the continuing  interests and  positive attitudes of her students despite of the lack of facilities, she is optimistic that her sacrifices will not be wasted and they will learn from their only teacher Miranda.

With the people of Sitio Barogante, Occidental Mindoro, she is hopeful that they will recognized and  appreciate her noble mission  by helping her teach the children. And that the government will build bridges and a better school for them.

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