Acid Throwing: Violence Against Women

Acid Throwing: Violence Against Women

Acid throwing, also called an acid attack or vitriolage, is a form of violent assault defined as the act of throwing acid or a similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill. (This is usually directed at the face or the female sexual anatomy.)

Experts say that women and girls are victims in 75-80% of cases. Of the female victims, about 30% are under 18. Although 1,500 cases are recorded around the world every year, according to theAcid Survivors Trust International. “That is likely to be massively underreported,” says Jaf Shah, ASTI executive director. “Most victims are fearful to report it to the police for fear of reprisal.” India has an increasing problem with acid attacks. ASTI estimates that 1,000 take place there every year.

The mentality of the people committing the crime is that leaving a girl disfigured is far worse than killing her, for the former would be more painful for the victim than instant death.

1.Preeti Rathi,a brilliant Indian nurse, she defeated thousands of other students during her exams to become a military nurse was targeted as she stood alongside her father Amar Singh Rathi at the station on May 2. She died after 2 weeks of attack.


2. Fakhra Younus, 33, leapt to her death from a sixth floor building in Rome 12 years after the acid attack which she said left her looking ‘not human’. At the time of her attack in May 2000, her ex-husband Bilal Khar was the man accused of entering her mother’s house and pouring acid over Younus’s face as she slept.


3. Ms. Paulina Imuere, has been bathed with acid by her lover, Mr. Difference Ogba, who is now serving a ten-year jail term in Okere prison in Warri.


4. Ameneh Bahrami was the victim of a horrific acid attack  by her suitor that left her blind and badly disfigured.


5.In October 2012, nineteen-year-old Chanchal Paswan and her younger sister Sonam, from Maner Block of Patna, were attacked with acid by a bunch of hoodlums who wanted to teach them a lesson for resisting their harassment bid.

Chanchal lost her entire face in the attack, while Sonam lost the use of her right arm. Since that day, the girls have been running from pillar to post for treatment, but found no succour from any quarter.


6.Acid attack victim Patricia Lefranc speaks first time since spurned lover found guilty attempted murder.

Acid attack victim Patricia Lefranc speaks first time since spurned lover found guilty attempted murder 4

7. Hanifa Nakiryowa, Ugandan single mother aged 30 years. She has a scarred face with a disfigured nose and a damaged eye as a result of an acid attack by the father of her children. The scars keep getting tighter, which gives her breathing difficulties.


8. Ayesha Siddique (Nila), 19, Bangladesh..“I got married when I was very young, just 14, to a distant relative who was in his thirties. I didn’t want to marry him, but I was forced to. After we’d been living together for 10 days I found out that he was planning to sell me to someone in Saudi Arabia. I told him that I wouldn’t travel to Saudi with him, that I was too young to leave the country and needed to stay and finish my education.


9. Naomi Oni, Sharia Law Acid washed by Islamist in London, UK. Just like in Islamic Pakistan many victims of acid attacks are targeted for wearing Western dress,  i.e., dressing “immodestly,” and are thus subjected to this cruel Sharia enforcement. In Kashmir, Muslims threatened to throw acid in the faces of women who didn’t wear the veil and used cellphones. Naomi Oni was doing both.


10. Katie Piper is learning to live with her rebuilt features and is exhausted by more than 30 operations following the acid attack by her former boyfriend.





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