Animal’s Captured Cute Pose

Animal’s Captured Cute Pose

It’s nice to see how animals captured with their cute pose.

Smells good ..

Umbrella pose

Yoga pose

Relaxing time

Washing day

Sexy pose

Just wanna say “hi”

My baby pose ..

Please, have mercy ..

How are you doing?

My yoga pose with him

Acrobatic pose

Ooopppsss.. fail acrobat? :)

Sleeping pose when tired..

Do you see me?

Hanging out


Am I cute?


Model pose

Stretching ..

Yoga on ice..

A modified version of child’s pose gives this grizzly bear the great stretch she craves.

Am too sexy to pose..

Squirrel shy pose

Stretch more..

Are you there?

Waiting for you..


Twerking like Miley

Latest dance grace

Just thinking about you..

My beautiful day..









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