Babies Buried Alive

Babies Buried Alive

Father Buried 10-year-old daughter alive 

Abdul Hussein is accused of gagging and tying up his 10-year-old daughter before burying her in the ground because she was a girl while his wife was out. He has been arrested.

Police say the shocking incident in Tripura, India, saw Abdul Hussein dig a pit in his back garden while his wife was out, and then put his daughter in the hole with her hands roped together and her mouth taped up.

Her dad is then said to have filled up the pit to chest level, with pictures showing the young girl with her arms and head above the dirt floor.

Dipankar SenguptaTripura_girl_buried_alive

Shocking: The little girl was found by neighbours after her mother became suspicious


When Abdul’s wife returned home he put a bamboo basket over their daughter’s head, with the intention of burying her completely later on, NDTV reports.

Father buries own daughter alive in India’s Tripura state at the India-Bangladesh border.

But his wife began to question where the little girl was, and she was soon discovered by neighbours.

They are said to have beaten up the dad before calling police.

Abdul was then arrested, and now faces a charge of attempted murder. ( January 18, 2015)


Pakistani police have arrested a man accused of burying his newborn daughter alive because she was physically deformed.

Mohammed Anwar, a police officer in the city of Khanewal in the eastern Punjab province, said the child was born on Thursday at a hospital in the nearby town of Kacha Khuh.

But after seeing his little girl, father Chand Khan is said to have been shocked that she had ‘abnormal features’.

Pakistani police have arrested a man accused of burying his newborn daughter

He then set about planning how to dispose of her body, it is claimed.

According to police, he told relatives that the baby was born dead and arranged a funeral for the girl.

But shockingly, the baby let out a cry during the service.

Chand Khan

Chand is then accused of burying the girl alive.

Residents alerted authorities after seeing him take the baby to the graveyard.

Khan, who has four other children, will be sentenced to death if he is found guilty of killing his daughter.

Mohammed Farooq, a doctor at al-Shifa hospital, says he saw the child after her birth on Thursday and that she was healthy and alive but had a fairly large head and ‘abnormal’ features.

Mr Farooq said: ‘I am a doctor at the same hospital where this child was born. This man came to me yesterday with a request that I should do something to dispose of his child, but I snubbed him and said get out.

‘No one has the right to kill anyone because of his or her physical deformity.’

Pakistani human rights activist Farzana Bari has condemned the incident and Raghab Naeemi, a prominent Pakistan religious scholar, demanded a stern punishment for the man if he is found guilty.

The case has also shed light on prejudices in Pakistan against children, especially girls, who are born with physical deformities.

There have also been cases of parents killing their children out of extreme poverty and an inability to take care of them. ( 5 July 2012)


Two officers found the girl after the Compton Sheriff’s Station received a call around 4pm Friday from people who said had they heard a baby’s muffled cries. She was found wrapped in this blanket 

A newborn baby girl buried alive near a California riverbed was rescued after a worried passerby heard her muffled cries.

She was found buried under pieces of asphalt and rubble inside a crevice in the bike path that runs along the riverbed in Compton.

The baby girl was found wrapped in a blanket and was cold to the touch.

She is now listed in stable condition at a local hospital, where she will remain for observation.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believes the baby was born within the last 36 to 48 hours, according to a statement released on Facebook.

( /  29 November 2015)


 New Born Baby Rescued Alive From Toilet Pipes After Being  Flushed Down 

new born baby flushed downPictures have emerged showing the moment a newborn baby was rescued after she was found stuffed in a pipe leading away from a university bathroom.

The mother, a student at Linyi University in Shandong province in eastern China, is believed to have given birth to the child over a toilet on Sunday.

The baby girl, who police suspect was flushed down the lavatory, was luckily found when students heard crying coming from a 20 centimetre-wide pipe leading away from the bathroom.

Fire services were called and the newborn was eventually located wedged in a section of piping between the third and fourth floor of the university building.

Firefighters rescued the baby using an angle grinder to cut the pipe and push the child up to colleagues on the floor above.

Pic shows: Firefighters try to free the newborn baby girl who was wedged inside the pipe from a university toilet.nnThis is the incredible image that shows a newborn baby girl wedged inside the pipe from a university toilet after her student mother gave birth and then fled leaving the child behind.nnPolice believe that the young woman had hoped to hide the pregnancy but because the toilet had no water filled U-bend, and because the pipe was only twenty centimetres wide, the baby girl's body had become wedged a short way down, where her cries alerted other students who then raised the alarm.nnFiremen who rushed to the student dormitory in the city of Linyi in eastern China's Shandong Province were amazed to find the child wedged in the pipe and clearly still alive from the noise she was making, and realised it was a race against time to free her.nnFire Brigade spokesman Tao Fang said: "It was impossible to get the baby out from above. She had fallen into the toilet and gone down the pipes were she had got stuck between the third and fourth floors. We used an angle grinder to break open the pipeline on the third floor and we could then push the child up to colleagues on the fourth floor where she was handed to medics who were waiting to take her to hospital."nnPolice meanwhile managed to track down the child's mother who was a student living in the building and who was also hospitalised. Police say they are waiting to question her before deciding what she might be charged with.nnThe shocking story caused heated debate on Chinese social media sites with many lamenting lack of decent values among the country's youth and shock at the way she had simply abandoned the baby in the toilet.nnOne user on China's popular social media site Weibo, WangLo34, said: "I find the image of a young woman giving birth in the toilet, cleaning herself up and then going back to her room to carry on studying a particularly worrying one and a sign of the sort of throwaway society that we live in now days."nn(ends)nn

Police have tracked down the mother and are deciding whether or not to press charges.

The incident sparked outcry on Chinese social media, with one person writing on Weibo: ‘I find the image of a young woman giving birth in the loo, cleaning herself up and then going back to her room to carry on studying a particularly worrying one and a sign of the sort of throwaway society that we live in now days. ( 20 Sep 2014)


Save in Time: Baby girl suvives burial

A new-born baby buried alive, allegedly by its mother, has been rescued hours later in Honiara.

The baby was born early yesterday morning but was saved by Frank Misi as he headed to the shops about 6.30am, the Solomons Star reported.

He and a friend followed blood on the track.

“I was curious and wanted to find out so I trailed the blood,” he told the paper. The pair then discovered a recently dug pit.

“An old vehicle tyre was also placed on top of the fresh pit. I took a spade, removed the tyre and started digging,” he said.

“It was a barbaric and cruel scene. I found a little hand popping out from the shallow grave.

“The innocent infant stuck the hand out as if it was begging to live.”

He yelled out that the baby was alive.


“She was a beautiful, innocent, strong girl.”

She was rushed to Honiara’s National Referral Hospital (NRH) for emergency care.
A nurse at the hospital said it was a miracle the girl survived the grave.

Police confirmed they took the suspected mother for further medical examination and said she would face charges.

The baby weighed 2.5kg and was healthy. ( 21/05/2013)



Epitome Of A Bad Father: Neighbors Save Nigerian Baby Buried Alive By Dad Angry Mother Wouldn’t Have Sex!



A 4-month-old baby’s life was saved in Nigeria’s Asaba, Delta state Saturday after she was buried in a shallow grave by her own father!




According to web reports:

Nigerian Police officials have concluded their investigation and it revealed that the baby girl was actually buried alive by her own father.

This mishap happened in Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria on Saturday.

Mr. Macaulay Onitcha is the father of the above baby. The 25-year-old laborer claimed he committed the ungodly act because he was hunhappy with his wife after she allegedly refused to sleep with him.

The 4-month-old baby girl named Edna Macaulay was buried in a shallow grave dug by her own father on Saturday at Edurudu Street Kokori.

Fortunately for little Edna, a good Samaritan who witnessed the burial rescued the girl.

Mr. Saturday Ekama allegedly suffered machete cuts at the hands of Macaulay Onitcha while rescuing the child as her father was covering the grave. Ekama reported the incident to police.

According to an official statement from Delta State police spokesman Mr. Muk:

When the child was exhumed alive, she had a neck injury. Currently she is undergoing treatment at Saint Francis Hospital, Okapra Inland. The suspect is currently assisting the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba in their investigations.”

We are so relieved the child survived!  ( / 



This Baby Boy Was Buried Alive In A Muddy Hole for 24 Hours But Miraculously Survives

The baby boy spent 24 hours buried in a muddy tunnel before being rescued by the police.

baby buried in mud 2

One of the neighbors said that Lucinda Ferreira Guimarães, the mother, supposedly left the house in the morning with a big belly, still very pregnant but came back at around 6pm, with a smaller stomach and bloody clothes.

The neighbor thought this was suspicious and looked around the area, but it became too dark so he stopped his search. When he continued his search the following day…

baby buried in mud 3

He found the baby’s head by a bush in a muddy tunnel, with many flies surrounding it, and with the placenta still attached to the body!

baby buried in mud 1

Apparently, Lucinda gave birth in the woods a mere 300 yards away from her house, and buried her child in a muddy armadillo hole.

baby buried in mud 1

The baby appeared to be dead when found by the neighbor. He didn’t move nor make any sound, so the neighbor called the cops.

baby buried in mud 4

The police pulled the baby out of his grave, and lo and behold, he started crying! He turned out to be just sleeping. Everyone was ecstatic for the miracle they witnessed.

baby buried in mud 5

Amazing Survival

Three things helped the baby survive after being buried alive.

First, the rain shower that washed away the dirt in his head, which otherwise could have buried him completely.

Second, the doctors who examined the baby explained that because the umbilical cord had not been cut out, blood loss was prevented and allowed the baby’s survival.

Third, the child still had his mother’s nutrients in his body and didn’t starve.

Lucinda denied being the mother of the child, nor did she admit to burying him. Reports say that she was arrested and sent to prison and the child was given to his biological father. It was not reported where the father was during the pregnancy, which prompted Lucinda to bury the baby.

( July 1, 2015)





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