Back Pain: Most Important Acupressure Points

Back Pain: Most Important Acupressure Points

Acupressure Points for Back Pain NOTE:

Please do not try Acupressure Points for Back Pain on anybody if you haven’t got suitable training for applying pressure on exact pressure spots. In such case, please consult an Expert / Doctor for Acupressure Points for Back Pain.

Acupressure Points are very helpful for Back Pain.
Acupressure has some significant pressure points for Back Pain and Acupressure Points for Back Pain are more effective if you apply them on a regular basis. Any person, who is having ache / pain in spinal area, is suffering from back pain. Back Pain is usual problem in every third person. There are various treatments of Back Pain. The treatment varies according to the stage and type of Back Pain.

Most Important Acupressure Points for Back Pain

Acupressure is the method of healing Back Pain without any side effects. All you need to do is applying firm pressure on exact pressure points regularly and you will get more relief in Back Pain. Acupressure Points not only heal the Back Pain, but also prevent the Back Pain to rise again. Acupressure Points can heal the back pain if the pressure points are applied in daily routine. However, you must know the proper applying technique of Acupressure Points for Back Pain. Because Acupressure Points can harm the patient if you apply them in wrong way.

Acupressure is very old method to cure any disease. Back Pain can occur in human body because of many reasons. Acupressure Technique has several pressure points for healing Back Pain. These pressure points are very helpful to give relief in various symptoms of Back Pain. Acupressure Points for Back Pain are described as follows:

Acupressure Points for Back Pain

  • Stomach Point
  • Lower Back Points
  • Hipbone Points
  • Knee Back Points
  • Foot Points (Sleeping and Sitting)
  • Hand Point

Acupressure Points for Back Pain are situated as at various spots of body (as mentioned above) which can be explained in detail as under:

Stomach Point:

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Stomach Point is very helpful for relieving lower back pain. Acupressure Stomach Point for Back Pain is situated under the Navel (i.e. belly button). The Stomach Point is also called Sea of Energy point. The exact place for Stomach Point is below the Navel around 2 fingers distance. You will find the Stomach (Sea of Energy) Point as displayed in picture.

Applying firm pressure on Stomach Point (Sea of Energy point) will be beneficial in reducing weakness of lower back, strengthen the abdominal muscles and also put a stop to many lower back problems.

Lower Back Points:

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Acupressure Points for Back Pain: Lower Back Points are effective to give relief in lower back pain as well as sciatica. Acupressure Lower Back Points for Back Pain are situated near the spine. Lower Back Points are also known as Sea of Vitality. Lower Back Points lie at waist level. The exact place of Acupressure Lower Back Points is between second and third lumbar vertebrae (each bone of a Spinal Cord is known as lumbar vertebrae). Find the Lower Back Points as mentioned in picture below.

Applying proper pressure on Acupressure Lower Back Points for Back Pain can heal the aches in lower back, fatigue, sciatica etc.

IMPORTANT: If the patient’s back is weak then please do not apply any pressure to lower back points. First, you must consult an expert / doctor before applying Acupressure Lower Back Points for Back Pain.

Hipbone Points:

Acupressure Points for Back Pain 1

Hipbone Points are very impactful to reduce hip pain and pelvic tension. Acupressure Hipbone Points for Back Pain are situated near the hipbone. The Hipbone Points are also called Womb and Vitals. Hipbone Points are exactly located in the middle of base of the buttock and top of the hipbone. Acupressure Hipbone Points are outer sacrum the base of the spine. You will be able to find the Hipbone Points as displayed in picture.

Applying gentle pressure on Acupressure Hipbone pressure points (Womb and Vitals) will help you to give relief in hip pain, lower back pain, sciatica and pelvic stress.

Knee Back Points:

Acupressure Points for Back Pain 2

Knee Back Points are beneficial to reduce stiffness in back and knee pain. Acupressure Knee Back Points for Back Pain are situated in backside of knee cap. Knee Back Points are also known as Commanding Middle. The Knee Back Points are exactly located at the center of the backside of knee cap in both feet. You can find the Acupressure Knee Back Points as mentioned in the picture below.

Applying firm pressure on Knee Back Points (Commanding Middle) will be helpful in back pain relief, stiffness in back, arthritis in back, knee pain, arthritis in hips, sciatica, arthritis in knee etc.

Foot Points (Sleeping and Sitting):

Acupressure Foot Points are effective in reducing the back pain. Foot Points are divided in two situations i.e. Foot Point while lying down and Foot Point while Sitting. Let us discuss about the Acupressure Foot Points one by one:

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Acupressure Foot Point while lying down is situated between your big toe and second toe. First lie down on the floor. As displayed in the picture, find a joint exact in the midway of your big toe and second toe. Apply tender pressure on Foot Point to get relief in Back Pain. Applying pressure on Acupressure Foot Pressure Point will help you to heal faster.

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Acupressure Foot Point while sitting is situated in the bottom of your foot. First of all, sit on a chair straight. Check that your Foot is cleaned so that Pressure Points are discoverable. Find the Foot Point at mentioned in picture below. Then massage the bottom of your foot from heel to Toe with thumb of your hand. Massage the region to get best results. Massaging the Acupressure Foot Point for Back Pain while sitting will make you feel relax and reduce the back pain.

Hand Point:

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Hand Point is very directly connected with stress in back and stiffness. However, Acupressure Hand Point can heal the Back Pain, only when you are lied down. Firstly, lie down on a flat place. Find the Hand Point at between the Index Finger and Thumb. You will find the joint in the middle of your thumb and index finger as shown in picture. Apply firm pressure on the Hand Point for a few seconds and then leave. Again apply pressure for a few seconds and leave. Repeat this task two to three times to get better result.

Applying Pressure on Acupressure Hand Point regularly as per instructions will aid in reducing stress and stiffness in back. 





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16 Positions Relief From Back Pain

1. Stand straight  




Keep the natural curves at your back at all times when standing.

2. High Heels 

3. Shoes with good arch 
 5. Bend Properly


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