BEAUTY: 19 Beauty Hacks You Can Do At Home With What You Already Have

BEAUTY: 19 Beauty Hacks You Can Do At Home With What You Already Have

Do you need to get picture perfect but don’t have time to run to the store or spend time (or money) to go to a salon? Here are 19 beauty hacks you can do at home with what you already have.

You’ll be amazed by how many things you already have that you never even realized could help you create the perfect image.

Check out these beauty hacks:

1. Can’t afford fancy nail brightening products?

Use toothpaste instead! You can easily bring life to your nails using a simple home product – toothpaste! Just apply a thin layer of whitening toothpaste to your nails and wash it off after 10 minutes to diminish yellow tones.

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2. Run out of lip gloss getting ready in the morning?

Use toothpaste for this too! Toothpaste has many uses besides just teeth. Using toothpaste on your lips for a minute before washing it off leaves them soft and less chapped. That said, I would not recommend this one for any lip biters out there! Ouch!

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3. Makeshift color corrector

You can use red lipstick underneath your eyes to cover eye bags! If you don’t have a color corrector, this works perfectly especially considering red lipstick is a very common item in most makeup drawers. For its full potential, use it underneath your eyes, blend it, and then cover it with concealer for a well-rested face.

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4. Use a silicone bra insert as beauty blender

Have you seen those brand-new silicone gel makeup pads for foundation? If you can’t find them in your area, they’re practically the same as a silicone bra insert! Buy a brand new one and use it to apply foundation without wasting any product that would be absorbed into the sponges you would probably use otherwise and save yourself from wasting expensive foundation unintentionally.

siliconeSource: Cosmopolitan

5. Bye-bye falsies!

For a less intense version of false eyelashes, use powder. Beauty gurus are coming up with more and more things as time goes on and we can’t say this one isn’t clever. For more subtle volume on your lashes, curl them and add a layer of mascara. After that, coat them very lightly in baby powder with a Q-tip, and use a layer of mascara to finish off.

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7. Literal smoky eye

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This is an age-old trick that many of you have probably heard of or done yourself! If your pencil eyeliner is hard and dry instead of smooth and even, then you should try heating it up. Use a lighter or match and hover your pencil eyeliner above the flame for a few seconds (but not enough to melt it) for that beautiful result of smooth and easy to apply eyeliner.

8. Keep your shoes fresh

To avoid any smelly shoes from the summer heat, add a tea bag to each shoe. Keep them in a dry room-temperature or cold place in your house for effectiveness. Make sure to take them out in the morning unless you’d like to walk around with a shredded tea bag in your shoes!

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9. Laundromat hair-do

If you’re having issues with fly-away hair, try dryer sheets! Just rub a sheet over the problem areas and with a few swipes, you’ll be back to silky smooth. No more carrying hundreds of products with you!

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10. Missing pore strips?

Instead of toothpaste, this one all about floss. There are two options for this; the first one is to wrap your finger in dental floss and then rub it over your nose to remove any blackheads. Another method is to get two dental floss sticks and squeeze them together, and then wash your nose with a warm washcloth.

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11. Sweet and easy lip stain

You can use Kool-Aid both as a lip stain and a drink to stave off the summer heat. To use it as a lip stain, simply wet your lips and apply dry Kool-Aid powder evenly over your lips. Smooth it over with a Q-tip afterward to be rid of any clumps. Cherry gives you a nice hot red, pink lemonade gives you an amazing hot pink, orange gives you a nice shade of orange, and the list goes on. Try funky colors too like blue and purple or just stay with the classics!

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12. No more expensive treatments for blemishes

Ever get a pimple the night before a big event? We sure have! An easy solution is to crush an aspirin with a spoon, mix it with distilled water, and then finally mix it into a paste. Once you’re done, apply it for five minutes and then wash it off gently with water and a washcloth. It should remove inflammation and redness from your trouble spot then and there.

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13. All-day perfume

If you want your perfume to last longer, rub vaseline on your wrists and then spray your perfume. This causes the perfume to sink into the Vaseline making it last much longer! Just make sure you don’t rub your wrists on anything expensive!

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14. Boho waves

For simple, loose, and beautiful curls try braiding your hair and flat ironing it! For this tip, simply braid your hair into six sections before laying them flat, iron them with your flat iron of choice, and then take them out and style your hair however you choose. Make sure to not iron over your hair tie to avoid damaging it or your hair.

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 15. Berry nice 

Having issues with stains on your teeth? Use strawberries. The acid in them breaks down any stains and is a natural whitener. Wash a strawberry and then rub it on your teeth before brushing them.

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Minimize hair frizz

Does your hair get frizzy after a shower? Use a t-shirt instead of a towel for drying. It won’t cause friction and is much less harsh on your hair. Make sure to use an old one you aren’t afraid of damaging.

Source: Breezy Tee

Perfect summer glow

If you would like to shimmer like a Greek god, this tip is for you! Buy a cheap highlighter and mix it with your body lotion for an all over glow. Use a blue or purple highlighter for that shimmery mermaid effect.

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Avoid thigh chafing

Especially in summer, a lot of people have the problem of thigh chafing when wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. This can be solved by using deodorant. Just rub it on your inner thighs where you usually chafe and say goodbye to the pain and hello to flowy dresses. This can only apply for stick and roll on deodorant and isn’t advised with spray as its less effective and harder to apply.

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No makeup remover?

If you’ve run out of makeup remover, use a moisturizer instead. It’ll help keep your skin soft and remove any makeup you are wearing without the difficulty of cleaning the makeup off with water instead. It especially works with waterproof eyeliners and mascaras.

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