Believe it or not: Zayn Malik says an ‘alien’ told him to leave One Direction

Believe it or not: Zayn Malik says an ‘alien’ told him to leave One Direction


Since he left 1D in 2015,  Zayn has made it to the top of the music charts as a solo artist. His album Mind of Mine was warmly received by fans and critics, and he’s been a regular fixture in gossip columns thanks to his relationship with model Gigi Hadid.


Aliens have a lot to answer for.  As if abducting people in the American Mid West, smashing UFOs into Roswell and terrorising Signourney Weaver through four films of diminishing quality wasn’t enough, they’ve now gone well-and truly beyond the pale by trying to split up One Direction. Apparently

Now Zayn revealed why he first thought of leaving 1D.

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Zayn said that he first thought of leaving the famous boy band because an alien told him to.

“An alien spoke to me in a dream…” he told the publication.


So we have an answer to our long awaited question, but it wasn’t quite what we were expecting.


The ever-enigmatic Zayn gives no more information beyond that, so it’s hard to say whether he’s being entirely serious (but we really hope he is).

Other titbits in the Glamour interview Zayn revealed some other firsts.

The first person he calls or texts in the morning is his mum. Aww. The first movie that made him cry was My Girl – preach. His first crush were Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

His first big splurge was a house in Los Angeles, and the first thing on his bucket list is to invent something.

Which is all well and good, but rather pales in significance to the revelation that extra-terrestrial forces could be interfering with the fortunes of Britain’s biggest pop acts.




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