Bright Eyes Make Up

Bright Eyes Make Up

Bright eyes make up

If you have problem with your eyes, and you feel less confidence with it, you can hide the lack from eye makeup. If your eyes seems tired because you had already done a lot of job. It will create eyelid there. And how to solve this problem? Absolutely, you can handle these problem through make up.

Women like to make their eyes look charming, beautiful, and fresh. When women hang out, going to mall, or go to office. Fortunately, they used make up for perfecting their appearance.

They often used mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, concealer, and other makeup on it. They did it as they need instant method to hide the lack of their eyes.

If you prefer natural method in making your eyes fresh and beautiful such as using cucumber or tomato in treating it. Absolutely, it is the best choice too. But, if you did not have time to treat your eyes as well as. Eye makeup is the best choice for you.

Here, the following step for eye makeup

There are two kinds of eye makeup; natural and dramatic. Try to learn how to make up your eyes if you want to show fresh and beautiful for every day. Having skill also will help you to save your budget to not go to beauty salon.

First thing that should you do, wash your face with cleanser. Remove some dust which patch in your face. You can use cleanser on it. If you have problem in cleaning your face from last make up, you can use cool water to remove it.

After you clean your face, applying the concealer to hide the eyelids. It will create smooth appearance for your eyelids. Apply it up to brow bone. Concealer will hide your under-circle eyes and the area which meet with your nose. Use your finger to apply it. After it, don’t forget to apply some powder to your eyelids.

Next, apply eye shadow on it. Create the color by your favor. Try to match the color of your eye shadow with your clothes. Last, apply eye liner and mascara to make your eyes seems like falcon but absolutely beautiful and interesting.

Applying Bright Eyeliner Correctly – Have Fierce and Fabulous Eye Makeup:

The first tip to keep in mind is to sweep the line on the bottom and top of your lids with white eyeliner first. Do this after you’ve applied a eyeshadow primer and light eyeshadow to start with. Whatever color you choose, whether it’s pink, blue, or purple, etc., should be applied with a slanted brush. Apply your colored eye liner with the slanted brush on top of the white eyeliner and you’ll be able to create your desired dynamite color underneath  your eyes or even on top of your lids if you’d like. Paired with your amazing hair extensions, you makeup will look out of this world!

Another tip that’s fairly simple? Don’t apply too much eyeliner unless you’re in the mood and don’t over do it! The idea is to achieve a makeup look that’s just right for you and that isn’t overpowering your every day look (unless you’re headed to a party or fancy get together)! The idea is to apply enough eyeliner to make a statement but not enough to over power your overall look. Applied correctly you’ll have an amazing eyeliner look that you’ll go crazy over and everyone else will love too!

Colored eyeliner looks great paired with the right type of outfit as well. Whether you’re going for a bright summer look or a subtle summer look, there’s a way to come uEye’s make up ideas for hazel eyes p with the perfect outfit while still wearing the right amount of eyeliner. If you’re not crazy over eyeliner but still would like to achieve this look, why not play with it first? Practice makes perfect and the beauty guru above (via College Fashion blog) provides us all with a great example as to how to apply your bright eye makeup correctly.

Start practicing and apply your eye liner today. Don’t forget to apply white liner first underneath your colored eyeliner (use as a base).

Eye’s make up ideas for hazel eyes


Purple and Blue Eyeshadow

Eye’s make up ideas for hazel eyes


purple and pink

Purple and blue

Spring eyes make up

Summer eye make up How to: A bright eyeliner can be achieved by wetting an eye shadow of your choice and then creating the line using an angled brush for precision.


Bright dark acryllic eyeshadow


Fesyen Style Eye Shadow


Bright Pink Blue Purple Eye Makeup


Vibrant purple teal gold Eye


Bright Eye Makeup Looks Shona waters bright eye



Long Lasting Eye Makeup

by Mattify! Cosmetics


Eye Shadow Looks

With Mattify Cosmetics

Long Lasting Eye Makeup

Navy Blue Smokey Eye

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Navy Blue Smokey Eye  
To dupe this Navy Blue Smokey Eye Look, use Mattify Cosmetic’s Midnight Train with your favorite black eye liner. For a darker look, you could use Twilight in the crease, and Midnight Train on lids!

Purple Smokey Eye

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Purple Smokey Eye   
To dupe this Purple Smokey Eye Look use Mattify Cosmetic’s Mysterious Aurora (lids) & Amethyst Moon (crease) Eye Shadow, along with Navy Blue or Black Eye Liner. To achieve a wide-eyed look, apply Mattify’s Snow Bunny on inner corners.
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Dark Plumb Smoky Eye


To create this dark plumb smoky eye, use Mattify Cosmetic’s Woodland Fairy on upper lid and on lower lash line. Apply Purple Haze to the crease directly above lid. For an added ombre effect, you can blend our Cotton Candy eyeshadow above the Purple Haze.


Emerald Green Smokey Eye

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Emerald Green is a colorful alternative to your basic black smokey eye! Our Irish Eyes shade looks gorgeous as eye liner too & compliments any eye color. Add some Fields of Gold under the brow bone, for added sparkle!


Neutral / Nude Smokey Eye

A neutral smoky eye is perfect for a low-key daytime look. Many women have trouble using jet black eye shadow to create a smoky eye. We’ve had customers comment with things like “every time I try to do a smoky eye, I end up looking like I have a black eye and got punched in the face!”

If you struggle with using black or navy shadow to create a smoky look, go with a lighter shade in the brown or grey range.


To dupe this look, apply your favorite liquid liner + Mattify’s Summer Storm to outer corners + Mattify’s Fields of Gold to center of lids.


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Neutral Nude Eye Shadow Look  
To dupe this nude neutral smokey eye, use Mattify’s champagne beige Earth Angel (lids), Woodland Fairy to smudge on outer corners, and Snow Bunny for inner corners.

Copper Eye Shadow

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To dupe this copper eye shadow look, apply your favorite liner, along with Mattify Cosmetic’s Lucky Penny on lids. This bronzed look is hot for summer & fall!


Love the combination of the orange with the teal/green and blue, even the blue eyebrows, it all comes together in such an elegant manner.


Mystic Mermaid Eye Shadow (Teal)

Teal eye shadow is a beautiful spring & summer eye makeup color! Our Mystic Mermaid can be used as an all-over lid color, or as eye liner. This pop of color on your eyes will instantly brighten your complexion.

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To dupe this shimmery smokey eye, created using Mattify Products by Agata Welpa’s Beauty Blog, use:  Mattify Cosmetic’s Woodland Fairy on the lid, and Summer Storm in the crease and as liner. Accentuate inner corners and brow bone with Snow Bunny.


Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin ~ Use as Primer before Eye Makeup

All of our eye shadows have built in primer, to prevent creasing and fading. If your skin is exceptionally oily & you feel that you need additional primer, you can use ourMattify ULTRA Powder for oily skin on lids, prior to eye shadow application. Mattify ULTRA works wonderfully as an oil absorbent primer for the face and eye lids before any type of makeup application.

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Mattify ULTRA Powder for Oily Skin
Use Makeup Setting Spray for Long Lasting Makeup



Don’t forget to set everything in place, using makeup setting spray! If you have oily skin, makeup can dissolve quickly – even with the use of primers, powders & blotter sheets. Summer heat & humidity can intensify the problem. To ensure long lasting makeup for oily skin, always use a setting spray like Model in a BottleUrban Decay’s All Nighter, or Ben Nye’s Final Seal (trial size sold here).


Use the makeup setting spray after all of your makeup has been applied. Close eyes, and mist over face. Keep eyes closed for about 10 seconds while the product dries.





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