Burning Man Festival

Burning Man Festival


Black Rock City from the Sky

Burning Man is an annual week-long gathering at the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada, in the United States and turning your fantasies and your imagination into reality. Dedicated to anti-consumerism, self-reliance and self-expression, the Burning Man festival, which appealed more than 65,500 participants in 2014, traditionally ends with the ritual burning of a large wooden statue of a man, which is set ablaze on Saturday evening.

In other words, it’s a week long gathering of people who are fascinated in exploring the world, which is about entities producing instead of masses consuming; of people building something of direct value to their community rather than doing whatsoever it takes to be able to buy stuff that has little value but derives with a silly brand or logo on it.

Burning Man was founded in 1986 when San Francisco artist Larry Harvey gathered a small group of people on the Summer Solstice to burn an 8-foot wooden structure of a man at Baker Beach. Today, Burning Man is celebrated on an empty lake bed in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. For six days in late August, “Black Rock City” exists as a self-sustaining community. On the seventh day, the residents of the temporary community break camp, taking care to “leave no trace.” Burning Man, which costs over $8 million dollars to run, is supported by ticket sales. (In 2006, a ticket at the gate cost $350.) A team of six people, led by founder Larry Harvey, plan and oversee the festival. Profits from the event are invested in creating the following year’s festival.

Unconventional forms of self-expression (like performance art using light or fire, nude body painting or the creation of “Mutant vehicles”) are integral to the Burning Man experience. In 2005, Burning Man featured over 275 art projects, 485 theme camps, an extranet ,intranet and a WiFi network that provided the entire area with connectivity. In Black Rock City, all commercial activity is forbidden and is replaced by the adoption of an extensive barter economy and the practice of “gifting.” Due to the harsh conditions of the desert, a comprehensive survival guide that emphasizes the importance of self-reliance and preparedness is provided to all prospective residents. Civic responsibility and communal effort are of special importance. Volunteers and a limited number of paid employees contribute to the creation of the physical community, including telecommunications infrastructure, fire management, waste control and the immense clean up efforts that follow. Total cleanup, a requirement of the Bureau of Land Management, can take as long as a month.


Burning Man is a place where accepting your and others’ individuality, freedom of expression and right to do all that jazz you want (as long as it doesn’t violate someone else rights) is highly esteemed.

It’s a place for those – the crazy ones who have belief in their god-like power to outline a reality where the purpose of life is to give and experience as much happiness and sovereignty as possible.

Burning Man has grown with the Internet as a populist movement and is sometimes seen as a concrete version of the free wheeling, “anything goes” spirit of the early Internet. The festival has inspired many of the Web’s founding technologists with its ability to generate personal connections that transcend traditional divisions of age, income, geography and class. Past “burners,” as participants are known, include Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Brian Behlendorf, the primary developer of the Apache Web server and Brewster Kahle, founder of the Internet Archive.

The easy way to describe Burning Man is its like going to an event with 60,000 people and everybody shares everything they have with every person. No Money is swapped at the event, except for buying coffee and ice, which is run by the event, and all the money goes to charities.

In April 2011, Larry Harvey declared that the organization had started the process of transitioning management of Burning Man over to a new non-profit organization named the “Burning Man Project.”

Some pictures of Burning Man Festival :

2015 Desert Arts Preview Mazu Goddess Temple

The Art of Michael Christian

Kirsten Berg Sculptures for Burning Man, Constellation of One and ( In)visible

Burning Man: How techies can communicate without internet – Business Insider

Paleo Burning Man 2015

is a new sheriff in town in the Burning Man jurisdiction, and he promises more arrests than ever at the world-famous music and arts festival next week.

2015: Be prepared to see naked people

favorite places from Burning Man 2015 called the Totem of Confessions. Susan Sarandon helped with this art project

Burning Man Festival 2012 In Pictures : Travel Tourism

They Hired a House Sitter While at Burning Man — and He Rented Their Place on Airbnb

Burning Man 2010, Metropolis: my experience – Kern-Photo – Kern-Photo

Sep 24, 2015

woman jumping in front of medusa madness – burning man 2015, anna, anna kiss

Truth is Beauty by Marco Cochrane, in situ at Burning Man.

Burning Man 2015 photos: Spectacular pictures of annual festival in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert

An incredible dragon art car on display during the annual Burning Man

2015 photo, “burners” stand inside an art sculpture during a dust storm at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert near Gerlach, Nev.

The fest, which started in 1990 at Black Rock Desert, attracts tens of thousands of loyal attendees each year for the music, art and massive sculptures

2014 Flower, Burning Man 2015, Flower Sculpture, Bloom Burning, Burning Man Art, Interactive Sculpture, 2014 Art, Lotus Flower, Burning Man Installation

Hakuna Matata 2015 @ VGP Aqua Kingdom

The Temple of Grace during the Burning Man 2014 “Caravansary” arts and music festival

Burning Man 2015

The Temple of Promise by the Dreamers Guild. I was lucky to be able to talk to designer Jazz Tigan

The Temple of Whollyness is also burned during the Burning Man



‘Sabale’ or Grandfather, which was lit up with LED lights each night at.

Rare photos reveal the sexiest women of the Burning Man festival


Lady Bug – Burning Man 2010

A Cavallo Carousel Burning Man Art Cars 2014 Alan Grinberg

The Temple of Transition, 2011, by the International Arts Megacrew

Scenes at Burning Man 2015

Amazing Photos of the Festival Fun at Burning Man 2014


40-foot Burning Man Bliss Dance sculpture to be removed from Treasure Island indefinitely


Burning Man 2015: fire Tetris and a hacked Boeing 747

Burning Man Fantasy sculpture

It’s worth noting that most installations contain an interactive element, which allows participants to fully engage with the piece instead of viewing it

View of the Playa, in the name of the dry Nevada desert lake where the festival takes place Photo credits:. JIM URQUHART / Reuters

“Spread Eagle” installation by Bryan Tedrick (Burning Man Festival)

The two time-lapse videos are of footage taken at the popular annual Burning Man Festival.

Sculpture by: Kate Raudenbush Photo by: Trey Ratliff kate4

Fire wheel, showering sparks from burning wood, at Burning Man

The Dragon Smelter AKA Dragon Wagon Sculpture was originally designed and constructed by artist Daniel Macchiarini and Moises Luarte for the 2000 Burning Man

Cradle of Mir

Large sculpture of a walking man – Burning-Man-2009


people that were simply comfortable with their own sense of self-expression

burning man wedding

Burning manI Love Body Art | I Love Body Art

Stained glass ‘Space Whale’ to blow minds at Burning Man


Wattle Tower, made of contentious non-native plants which are choking out water from indigenous South African plants (Photo by Photokatz)






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