HEALTH EDUCATION: According To Psychologist People Who Cry A Lot Have These Unique Traits And They Are The Strong Ones

HEALTH EDUCATION: According To Psychologist People Who Cry A Lot Have These Unique Traits And They Are The Strong Ones

According To Psychologist People Who Cry A Lot Have These Unique Traits And They Are The Strong Ones

Sometimes, crying is our body’s way of saying everything will be okay. So don’t be hesitant to cry, it makes us all human.

Centuries ago men and even oftentimes women were taught not to cry. It was viewed as a sign of undesirable vulnerability and weakness. They were taught to suck it up, hold it back and move on. In fact, many years ago, this may have been beneficial to humans.

That was a long time ago though. Times were definitely rougher and tougher and things have definitely changed now.

In today’s world, crying is more acceptable, especially for women, but still, it can have some stigma attached to it and people who cry, especially adults, are sometimes viewed as weak.

Nonetheless, people’s need to show their emotion is still important and relevant. Somehow we need to release the emotion of sadness, and crying is the best way to express it.

Living life with a constant constraint to your soul disrupts its spiritual development. Crying is the better way to release all the sadness from your body and free your soul. In reality, people who cry are actually strong and emotionally healthy.

One of the amazing traits a human being possess is its ability to feel and express feelings that can be reflected on our facial expressions, on our eyes, even on our tears.

Humans are vulnerable when it comes to emotions and pain.

We cannot stop ourselves from feeling hurt, disappointed, betrayed, also from feeling so much joy and happiness where the only thing that was left to do is to cry.

On the other hand, letting all of those tears come out of your eyes is actually one of the healthies thing to do because it demonstrate strength and flexibility of a human being.

But not everyone can do that. Not everyone can just cry their hearts out.

The times when someone feels weak and hopeless, often they just lock themselves on their rooms and chose to be alone. They don’t want others to see them vulnerable so they chose not to cry and pretend to be strong.

What they don’t understand that crying can help ease their feelings. Crying doesn’t make them weak, pretending not to feel anything does.

1. When you cry, you will be able to control and handle stress and know yourself well.

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A person who is able to cry typically knows themselves well. They are in touch with their strengths and their weaknesses. They know how their mind works and are in tune. Not only that, but they let it be known through their tears.

In every situation that you are in, always keep in mind that you have to give yourself a relief from stress because of anxiety, unhappiness, and grieving as well as deep and tough relationships.

Allowing your tears to fall down from your eyes can provide a purifying tool that will help you to reduce the strong and deep thoughts because holding it in and thinking about it for a long time can contribute to a severe psychological damage.

We know that burying your emotions is unhealthy. Being able to express your emotions, on the other hand, is helpful in really getting in touch with who you are. There is a great amount of reflection that can come about from crying. This reflection is helpful in understanding yourself.

2. Crying out is a sign that you are not afraid about and to show your feelings. You are brave.

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Most people don’t want to seen as weak by others and wear an emotional mask before coming out of their rooms or leaving their house. For most people, openly crying also seems embarrassing.

As a person, crying is inevitable because there’s just so much in this world that can cause us to feel something such as a great loss, stress, anger, hatred, sadness, some health problems just like high blood sugar, hormonal imbalance and even materialized things like sad songs and movies.

Nevertheless, letting those tears fall makes you acceptable from the people around you and it also makes you ready to face all the fears from these feelings.

If a person, on the other hand, pays no attention to their own feelings, he or she may resort to rebellion which includes alcoholism, illegal drugs intake, depression, anxiety, grief and other uncontrollable bad behaviors.

Most of the time, the person who is fragile and is scared to face the challenges of life are those who usually want to escape their feelings and of other people and eventually leads to rejection.

It is crucial to give them more attention and also to make them feel that they are loved, they are strong enough and important.

Crying, however, especially in front of other people takes strength and courage. Only someone strong can let their guard down without fear of being judged. A person who is able let his/her emotion flow is free.

3. Crying means that you are strong enough because you no longer care on what other people might think or say about you when they see your tears.

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Meanwhile, there are other people who are scared of people’s verdict so they tend to just pretend that they’re okay. They would hide their pains behind their smile. No one knows but they’re already dying inside because of the pain they’re feeling.

Nonetheless, those people who allow their tears to fall out easily are the strong ones because they have control over their emotions. Besides, it is very unhealthy to hold your tears back and not to cry at all.

Bottling up your hurts only lead to a life full of sorrow and people who cry, those who are emotionally healthy, understand and accept this cycle so they don’t hold back their tears or emotions. They face them and they do this in life too! Ignoring your pain or problems only makes them worse. People who cry take things on head on and deal with them.

4. Crying makes you a better person and a better friend.

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An unexpected situation such as bad news, accident or challenges will give you a foundation to become a stronger person as well as building a stronger relationship with your family and friends.

You can be a shoulder that someone can cry on or you can cry on someone’s shoulder when you are feeling down. All you have to do is to cry, release all the pain and open up yourself to somebody that can understand you and will also help you.

5. Crying helps you recover from bad feelings and emotions. 

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Have you ever wonder why after you cry when you’re sad, you don’t feel that lonely anymore? It’s because crying helps you to process and overcome your emotions.

Living in a constant state of emotional tension where you are holding back how you truly feel is detrimental to your health in a huge way. It is painful and a major stress or on the body. Crying, on the other hand, allows a person to release uncomfortable emotions. It is a stress reliever.

No matter what kind of anguish feeling you have, crying always make you feel better. So don’t hesitate to let the tears fall. It will help you to overcome your sadness.

Likewise, when you cry, your body naturally releases toxins. Likewise, the body flows with endorphins upon crying and endorphins help you to feel better, stronger, calmer and more powerful.

Research has shown crying to lower both cholesterol as well as lower anxiety levels. Only people who are brave enough to let go of their emotions can reap these amazing health benefits.

However, just be careful and assess yourself if you cry much too often. Because crying which affects your everyday life may be a symptom of depression.

You should visit your doctor if you often feel sad and hopeless, or you always got frustrated about little things. Be careful also if you feel unexplained pain and numbness, or when you always feel like doing nothing because you lack energy.

And most importantly, immediately seek your family, or even a friend to talk to, when you start having thoughts of self-harm and suicide.

6. People Who Allow Themselves To Cry Are Happier

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In life, unfortunate events or unhappy circumstances arise. It’s normal to encounter a death of a loved one, undergo a breakup, or have a falling out with one of your family members.

These instances are extremely difficult to deal with, and while some people think that being able to hold the pain in makes you a “tough guy,” it is actually counterproductive. Not dealing with your emotional pain head on only accumulates it and intensifies it over time leading to unhappiness in general.

Unlike a broken bone, your heart, once broken, cannot heal itself on its own. Crying, on the other hand, helps purge the sadness or negative emotion aside, releasing it from your body so more happiness can grow.

” You can express happiness through a smile, so why hide your sadness? Why hold back the tears? Some people may view others who cry as weak, but people who cry are actually very far from it.”

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