HEALTH: Pippa Cole, A Young Cancer-Fighter Proves Her Doctors Wrong And Wins

HEALTH: Pippa Cole, A Young Cancer-Fighter Proves Her Doctors Wrong And Wins



‘I beat cancer again': Four-year-old who was given just weeks to live stuns doctors after scans reveal her 12 tumours have vanished

  • Pippa Cole was first diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was just one
  • Doctors later found she had six more in her head and a cluster in her spine
  • After a three-year battle, doctors said there was nothing else they could do
  • But eight months after her terminal diagnosis, Pippa was given the all-clear

According to her doctors, who are stunned by this, they had predicted that she had only a week in her hands.

Her parents’ had first taken her for a test when they found blood in her vomit. After several tests, the doctors discovered all her tumors, and put her on chemotherapy for a year, to which she was given an all clear in August 2014.1

This little cancer-survivor, living in Preston, was first diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was just one. But, in a scan after three years, the doctors discovered that she had seven tumors in her brain, and another cluster on her spine. Shell (mother) and Scott (father) were devastated when they learned when she will survive for only few more weeks, and doctors could do nothing more to help them and their daughter.

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The couple decided to make her life as beautiful as a fairy tale life. They even brought their wedding date forward to let her be the flower girl and took her for a holiday to Disneyland.

After eight months to know the results from the doctor, Pippa underwent another scan to check her progress. Doctors were completely amazed to find something inexplicably abnormal in her results, her tumors had completely disappeared.

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Pippa, left, in hospital on Saturday with her sister Betsy

Experts think the unsuccessful radiotherapy that Pippa had originally underwent in December 2015 showed its results quite late. But they have no understanding or explanation as to how her tumors suddenly vanished.

Her mother, gave up her teaching job at a primary school to take care of Pippa. ‘We had just few weeks to the heart breaking day, and we wanted to fill these days with happy moments for her. After the surgery and chemotherapy, it was going to be completely defeating to see her lose the battle.’ Pippa’s mother explains.

Mrs. Cole added, ‘She always wanted us to get married so she could be the flower girl at her parents’ wedding. Our wedding was more about Pippa than us. After the ceremony and party, we took her to Disneyland in Paris. It was a magical experience.’

Here’s the timeline of Pipa’s magical recovery from multiple tumors:

July 2013

Diagnosed with cancer in brain.

Her family were told she had only 46% of chances to live up to five years.

Her first tumor removed; got prescribed with a year long chemotherapy.

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August 2014

Was told she was cancer free.

January 2015

Found a new tumor in her routine scan.

The tumor was removed; parents go to US for further treatment.

48 hours after her operation, the tumor had grown.

February 2015

Underwent another brain surgery.

After 48 hours observation, three tumors in brain and a cluster on spine was found.


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December 2015

Scan detects a new 5 cm tumor, but others remain stable.

Pippa undergoes fourth brain operation and was given a definite terminal diagnosis.

Doctors say she can live for few months with the help of radiotherapy, else just few weeks.

Pippa starts intensive radiotherapy on her spine and brain.

February – May 2016

Scans show all her tumors shrinking.

August 2016

Scans show her tumors vanished.

And Pippa wins her battle over cancer.

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