Hoax or Fact: Girls Eyes Produce Crystals

Hoax or Fact: Girls Eyes Produce Crystals

A Lebanese girl has eyes which are producing an average of eight small crystals a day.




12yr old girl cries crystals: Investigation

This video showing a 12 year old Lebanese girl crying hard crystals from her eyes started circulating ever since the video was made in 1996. It became popular on YouTube and spread rapidly through email forwards and sharing on social networks. The video shows a Lebanese girl named Hasnah Mohamed Meselmani who started producing hard crystals from her eyes while crying. Here is the Analysis…




Girl cries crystal tears

The video from 1996 shows Hasnah Mohamed, a 12-year-old Lebanese girl who “baffled medical experts by producing crystals from her eyes.”

Fake? Of course. Hasnah’s crystal tears were debunked by Joe Nickell in a 1997 Skeptical Inquirer article:

Hasnah, who claims to produce up to seven crystals a day, showed a collection of the allegedly apported rocks. From their rhomboidal shape and other properties, I recognized them as the natural quartz crystals generally known as “Herkimer diamonds.” With the television crew being expected to arrive here the following day, I hastily made some phone calls and soon had acquired a handful of the gemstones.
Although such stones are indeed sharp – and I could see a dark red spot inside the girl’s eyelid that probably represented a wound from one of them – I decided to duplicate the effect. All that was necessary was to pull out the lower eyelid to form a pouch and drop in a small crystal so that it rested, only a bit uncomfortably, out of sight. A tug on the lower lid causes the stone to come into view and then pop out of the eye. This I demonstrated at an appropriate time for the television camera, allowing their reporter to actually do the extraction himself. The effect was indistinguishable from the Lebanese “miracle.”

Source : hoaxes.org


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