How To Have A Gradient Lips

How To Have A Gradient Lips

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Why gradient lips? Gradient lips look is a Korean style which  has become very popular, especially in Asian countries.The ideal beauty in most Asian cultures has a small face with delicate features, big eyes and a pale skin, so it’s no wonder the gradient lips have become such a big trend.  Gradient lips or other known as just-sucked-on-a-cherry-lollipop lip is like a soft bloom of color from the center of the mouth, which helps emphasize the eyes as a bonus. The end result is a coquettishly innocent and surprisingly flattering look.
Gradient lips are meant to give that “just bitten” effect, with a darker colour concentrated in the center of the lips, then fading out at the edges, or blending into a different colour. In Korea, the look is said to give a more youthful and innocent appearance.

Basically, all the steps are the same. Making your lips nude or bare is the main idea. With the application of some color in the center of your lips and blending out only in the center with the use of your finger to make it more natural, thus, it has a “just bitten” effect. Remember that do not blend to the edge of your lips.

You can also blot your lips together and brush the left over on the edges of your lips with any foundation brush.




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