Marc Mero’s Powerful message About A Mother’s Love

Marc Mero’s Powerful message About A Mother’s Love


This Simple Message About a Mother’s Love Brought an Entire Middle School to Tears

Middle school is a really challenging time for both young teenagers. As a parent, you probably understand how difficult it is to motivate them. For former professional wrestling champion Marc Mero, he gave a simple, yet personal message on mother’s love and the flood gate of tears started to flow from the students’ faces. Through a story about his mother, her death, and his regrets about not appreciating her, Mero calls the middle school students not to push their parents away. “I would slam my door on the one person who believed in me,” the once rebellious motivational speaker said. His speech about his mom’s love for him and realization of the meaning of love is a must watch, but be warned. . . You’ll also need a box of tissues.




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For My Precious Mom

They said “life is short, and we must say important words before its too late unsaid.” I want to let you know while I have still the chance to tell you, Mom, that you are so important to me.

Being a full time mom is a tough job.  You raised and nurtured this tiny being and look at the abilities I obtained. Later on in my life, you poured values into, and guided me to school and receive a diploma for completing school.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize how the time spent with my family has gotten so minimal. Being a degree holder and working, I seem to have forgotten about the people who got me to where I am, and I’ve especially forgotten about the one person who pushed me to make me into the person I’ve become, my mother.

My life  my appreciation and admiration towards you will continue to grow tremendously. Looking back, I feel there were time that I should have said “I love you”.Honestly, I don’t even say it that often, but I do. You are the most important woman in my life, and you always will be. I know life is hard for you and I don’t always do much to make it easier, but you have sacrificed so much in your life just to raise me, and it means more to me than I’ll ever be able to express in words “I love you”. Not only you guide me through life, but you provide me of the perfect image of what to look up to. With everything you have in your life, and the strength  you have developed, proves to me that when life  is tough, I can be tougher. You are full of love and motivation, and I am incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to have that all of my life. The amount of love I have for you is out of this world.

“Thank you”. Even though I used to think I knew it all, I realize now you are still helping me grow. There is no amount of money, I still want to go to you for the right answers even in a simple question, how to bake a pan cake? Thank you for guiding me through life. Thank you for the strength you had shown that it makes me prove that when life is tougher, I can be tougher. Thank you for letting me know that it is to make mistakes, it’s ok to be okay to be who I am and it’s ok to cry for sometimes in life, being tough is not the only option. It is nice that it is in those breaking moments, I have a mother like you to lean to on. It doesn’t matter if we are crying together, or only one of us is breaking, it is good to know our bond is strong enough to keep us going. And thank you for the the ears, for the words and embrace of a mother so comforting and heartwarming. You never let me down in making me feel anything  less than perfect. I guess it is because no matter what, you do not and will not give up on me .  Thank you for the laughter, the smiles, the lessons, for understanding my flaws and all. Thank you for pushing me to pursue all what I want to take on in life. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for listening when I want to tell you about my life, and let you know when I am doing good, and when I am not. Thank you for you always stand by me. Thanks you for helping me see beauty in cruel world. Everything you have ever done for me, and everything that you will ever do for me, I could never thank you enough. There are no words to let you know exactly how thankful I am.

I am sorry if there are times I let you down. There is nothing I would hate more than letting you down because you have raised me up. I’m sorry for all of the times I fought with you.  Sometimes I tend to lose sight of the things that are most important to me. I never meant to fight with you whenever you cared for me and give some advises. You truly mean so much to me and I don’t express it enough, and I certainly don’t prove it when I leave you doing the dishes when I am having my own time. A lot of the time, you deserve someone who pays more attention to the things that you do. I hope that you will do understand me and forgive me.

Mom, all in all, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. You are so special to me. I hope God will remind me always that no matter how busy gets life, I will always make room for you, to see you, to hug you, and to chat with you because no matter how old I get, I will always need a mother like you. I know you have always been here for me and I guess, you always will. Thank you for being a part of me and for being everything to me, always.

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