OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW) STORY: Body of Filipina Domestic Helper Murdered by Kuwaiti Boss Violated with Cucumber

OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER (OFW) STORY: Body of Filipina Domestic Helper Murdered by Kuwaiti Boss Violated with Cucumber

(THOUGHTSKOTOThis is another gruesome death of an overseas Filipino worker after Joanna Demafelis. What’s so shocking about this is that, according to the report, a cucumber was found inserted inside the private part of the victim. The death is after the government of the Philippines and Kuwait signed a memorandum of understanding ensuring the welfare and safety of every OFW deployed in the Gulf state.
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The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on Thursday vowed to seek justice for another overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who died a brutal death at the hands of her employer in Kuwait.

In a statement, Labor and Employment Secretary Silvestre H. Bello III said he will call the attention of the Kuwaiti government for the death of 47-year old Contancia Lago Dayag.

“I am taking the Kuwaiti Government to task for the gruesome death of yet another Filipino in the hands of her employer in Kuwait,” Bello said. “Aside from the apparent violation of agreement on the protection of OFWs between our government and Kuwait, there appears to have been a breach of the employment contract by the foreign employer.”

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Constancia Lago Dayag, whose badly beaten body was discovered to be violated with a cucumber.  Source: YouTube

(Philippines Lifestyle News) A Filipino household worker has died at the hands of her employer in Kuwait – reportedly black and blue and with a “cucumber” inside her private part, according to a statement by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

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The latest killing of a Filipino worker in the Middle Eastern country was announced by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) late Thursday, May 16.

The victim was identified as Constancia Lago Dayag, a native of Agadanan, Isabela.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said that the 47-year-old victim was rushed to Al Sabah Hospital on May 14 but was declared dead on arrival.
“Her body bore various contusions and haematoma,” he said, adding that a cucumber had also been forced into her private part.

“Aside from apparent violation of the agreement on the protection of OFWs [overseas Filipino workers] between our government and Kuwait, there appears to have been a breach of the employment contract by the foreign employer,” he said

The labor chief said he was “taking the Kuwaiti Government to task for the gruesome death of yet another Filipino worker in the hands of her employer in Kuwait”.

He also said he had already ordered the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Philippine Overseas Labor Office in Kuwait “to go after the foreign and local agencies” who deployed the Filipina worker there.

Bello condemned the killing and described Ms Dayag’s “horrible fate” as “deeply saddening.”


Image result for Constancia Lago Dayag PICPhilippine Embassy in Kuwait investigates death of Pinay OFW Constancia Dayag Source: YouTube

The Filipina was deployed as a household service worker in January 2016 to Kuwait and returned in 2018 as a Balik-Manggagawa on a second contract with her Kuwaiti employer, according to DFA.
The Philippine-Kuwait relations became in turmoil when the news of OFW Joanna Demafelis, a woman who was found dead inside a freezer inside her employers flat, triggered public outcry.

(BusinessMirror) To recall, the government imposed a deployment ban in Kuwait last year after the reported recovery of the remains of the Filipino Joanna Demafelis at the freezer of her employer in Kuwait.

The deployment ban was only lifted the ban months later after the new Philippine-Kuwait Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) ensure that Filipino workers’ rights are protected was signed last year, 2018, which intensified the welfare protection of Filipino HSW in Kuwait.

Bello has expressed his deep sympathy for the death of the OFW and condemned the gruesome killing.

Kuwait Ministry closely follows death of Filipina, Constancia Lago Dayag – Deployment of Filipinos as is

(Crime Archives – ARAB TIMES – KUWAIT NEWSKUWAIT CITY, May 18: Kuwait is following with concern details of death of Filipina citizen Constancia Lago Dayag, Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. In a statement issued by the Department of Consular Affairs, the Ministry offered sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, adding that it is following up with authorities the circumstances of the incident.

The statement added that the Philippines’ authorities would be informed of the results of the investigation, stressing that the State of Kuwait has laws that preserves the rights of all residents. “The Philippine Embassy is working closely with Kuwaiti authorities on the investigation on the death of Filipina household service worker Constancia Lago Dayag who was allegedly physically and sexually assaulted.

We are closely coordinating with the Kuwait Forensic Department and Criminal Investigation Department to ferret the truth surrounding the death of Ms Dayag,” disclosed Philippine Vice-Consul Charleson Hermosura on Saturday to the Arab Times. Hermosura confirmed that according to the initial reports received by the embassy, Dayag, 47, a native of Agadanan, Isabela was rushed at noon on May 14 by an ambulance to the Al Sabah Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Her body allegedly bore various bruises and contusions and was allegedly sexually abused.

“All of the initial reports coming out have to be supported by the official report from the Kuwait Forensic Department and that’s what we are waiting for, the results of the investigation and we will take it from there,” explained Hermosura.

Dayag arrived in Kuwait in 2016 and worked for the same employer. “We have gathered that after completing her two year contract, she went home to the Philippines and returned to Kuwait under the same employer,” stated Hermosura.
Hermosura reiterated that the embassy with the help of the Kuwait government will exhaust all legal means to know the truth and bring justice to Dayag’s death.

“The Philippine embassy expresses its deepest condolences to the family of Ms Dayag. Rest assured that we will do all our best to expedite the investigation so we can repatriate the remains of Ms Dayag and make sure that justice will be served,” stressed Hermosura.

He added that the Philippine Embassy under the leadership of Charge d’ Affaires Mohd Noordin Pendosina Lomondot has already assigned a legal counsel to handle the case of Dayag.

With the recent death of Dayag, the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment is mulling on the re-imposition of the deployment ban on Filipino domestic workers to Kuwait.

However, Hermosura clarified that there is no deployment ban as of now. “It’s more of a wait-and-see right now as we await the results of the Kuwait Forensic Department. So far, there is no instruction from the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding the deployment ban. The deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait stays,” explained Hermosura.

Finally, Hermosura clarified that there is no truth to the news that has been circulating on the social media that the Philippine Embassy in implementing a news blackout on Dayag’s case. “The Philippine Embassy has been always transparent and we have given media access to information on Dayag’s case and other cases that we had in the past. We will keep the public updated all the time,” assured Hermosura.


(ViraL Today Babalik na sana sa Pilipinas Noong May 16 si Constancia Dayag, ang OFW Na Namatay sa Kuwait

Isa na namang buhay ang nasayang matapos umanong abusuhin at patayin ng kanyang amo ang isang OverseasFilipino Worker (OFW) sa Kuwait.

Ang biktima ay kinilalang si Constancia “Connie” Dayag mula sa Dalenat, Angadanan, Isabela na uuwi na sana noong May 16 sa Pilipinas matapos ang apat na taong pagtatrabaho sa Kuwait. Ang biktima ay 47 taong gulang at nag-iisang magulang sa kanyang tatlong anak.

Si Constancia ay may dalawang anak na babae at isang anak na lalaki na ngayon ay may asawa na. Ang pangalawana nagngangalang Lovelyn Jane ay nagtatrabaho bilang accountant sa Makati samantalang ang bunso ay nag-aaral pa lamang bilang Grade 8.

Ayon sa kanyang pangalawang anak na si Lovely, nakaplano na ang pagsalubong niya sa kanyang ina sa airport ngunit nung gabi bago ang kanyang itinakdang pagbabalik ay hindi na umano niya ma kontak ang ina.

Nalaman na lamang ni Lovely sa isang kamag-anak nila na wala na ang kanyang ina, isang balita na hatid umano ng isang kawani ng Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

Bago pa man nawalan ng buhay ang kanyang ina ay may nababanggit na ito na masasamang ginagawa ngemployer sa kanya ngunit nanindigan parin ito na okay lang siya.

Sa isang video call naman ay nakita ng kanyang nakakatandang kapatid na may pasa ang kanilang nanay sa mukha.

Ayon pa din sa isang report, dinala pa di umano sa ospital si Constancia ngunit idineklarang dead on arrival. Merondin daw nakitang pipino na nakaipit sa kanyang ari.Hanggad ng pamilya na makuha ang hustisya sa pagkamatay ng kanilang kaanak.


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