PERSONALITY: How An “Ugly Duckling” Turned Into Beautiful Girl

PERSONALITY: How An “Ugly Duckling” Turned Into Beautiful Girl

Truth is that most people are attracted to someone’s outer appearance at first look. Unfortunately for some people, luck was just never on their side.

This Vietnamese girl used to be insulted for her looks when she was a teen. Image DEMOCRATIKA

Many criticized her and even made fun of her looks because most people thinks she has as an unattractive face. In school, her classmate would sideline her and purposely prohibit her from any social occasion or occasions. That’s just plain mean.


Now she has the perfect revenge against her tormentors by transforming into a gorgeous lady. Not only that; she’s married to a rich guy, too.

22-year-old Kuok,her last name was not given in the World of Buzz article, from Vietnam wasn’t the “prettiest” woman on the planet. Actually, she was quite recently viewed an average-looking young lady with somewhat thicker lips.

After graduating from school, things didn’t look great for her either. It was said that during one of her match-making sessions, Kuok was regarded as too ugly and awkward. A few competitors even went to the degree of saying,

“If I marry her, I will lose my appetite”. What a douchebag!


All these harsh words and cold treatments have squashed her fearlessness immensely and made her feel inferior towards others. In any case, rather than surrendering to her destiny, Kuok chose to take exceptional measures that would change her life forever. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as others would say.


Just last year, 2016, she spent through RM61,800 ( $14,000) to undergo plastic surgery and the outcomes were astonishing. Overnight, Kuok has changed into a stunning woman and she gradually increased back her confidence. After a year, Kuok developed as an excellent lady who exudes radiance and unbeatable confidence.


From being shy, she regained her confidence and metamorphosed into a beautiful lady.

After a year, Kuok rose as a lovely lady who exudes brilliance and unbeatable confidence. Image DEMOCRATIKA

Soon enough, she finally meets ‘the one’. After seeing each other for slightly less than six months, they decided to tie the knot!


To cap it all, she married a rich guy who had just inherited a fortune from his family. A gorgeous girl now and a wealthy wife, too.



I bet Kuok now looks back at her haters and laughs at them for dissing her cos this ugly duckling has turned into a beautiful swan.

Indeed, she has her perfect revenge against those who used to mock her.

We certainly hope she finally gets to live her happily ever after!





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