PHOTOGRAPHY: Black Is Beautiful

PHOTOGRAPHY: Black Is Beautiful


“It’s beautiful to be black.”
It is the color of strength and pride.
I will say it out loud. I don’t have to hide.

I love me, and the color that I represent.
Look at me, there is nothing like it.
What you see is not an illusion.
It’s a gift from GOD, don’t ever confuse it.

“It’s beautiful to be black.”
It is the color of fame and envy.
If I wasn’t black, I wouldn’t be me.

Black is the color of power and authority.
It is so outstanding, thank you LORD for blessing me.
I’ll shout it to the world, I’m proud of what I am.
Those who are in vain will never understand.

“It’s beautiful to be black”
It is the color of confidence and style.
I have been blessed, by my ancestor from the Nile.

I am scenic from the inside out.
These verses are true, I don’t have any doubt.
There is no one who can change my mind.
Black has been beautiful since the begging of time.

“It’s beautiful to be black.”
It is the color of honor and grace.
This is one thing that cannot be taken away.

By Chara NyAshia Sanjo



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