Photography: Breath Taking Camera Captures

Photography: Breath Taking Camera Captures



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Frozen St. Joseph North Pier Lighthouse, Michigan, USA


Going home by Neville Jones, the winner of the Australia National Award, part of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, one of the world’s leading photography competitions.

Amazing Photography Of A Bubble Bursting


Photo by Ed Dunens


The Car at night




AMazing Glamour Photography On Woman




Art Photography-Poussières d’étoiles by Ludovic Florent


Majestic: Amateur photographer Soren Nielsen, who took the pictures, said the tiger appeared to be enjoying his swimming session


Amazing Photography by Dewan Irawan 


Underwater Photography


Jellyfish Mermaid


Water Drop Photography


The IR world by photographer in Poland – Amazing beauty of landscape in infrared photography


My Way


Crazily Impressive Tilt Shift Photography


Me and my friends


Stunning Photo Of Cloud


Winner, Hong Kong, National Awards: In July each year, a heart-pounding scene of wildebeest migration repeats itself in Kenya


Li River Fisherman by Neville Jones – People Fine Art ( li river, fisherman, china )


Amazing countryside Photography by Indonesia based photographer Dewan Irawan


Ambedkar Park in lucknow (Uttar Pradesh):  The motive behind building these monuments is to symbolise empowerment of weaker sections of the society. For those who don’t know why elephants were selected, the answer is that the elephant is associated with political symbol of one political party of India which considers itself to be representing dalits. Government spend more than 7 billion rupees (700 crores of hard earn public money) in building these just to showcase empowerments of social and economically weaker sections where 1/3rd of states population lives below poverty line (roughly 1 dollar a day). So instead of spending on real development issues like education, hunger, safe water, sanitation, government built these to make feel these weaker sections feel empowered once they enter these monuments. (


Amazing countryside Photography by Indonesia based photographer Dewan Irawan.


Daniel Ilinca is a brilliant photographer based in Ramnicu Valcea. He captured the amazing photographs with great details and lighting.


Giant ash clouds erupt from Mount Sinabung volcano as villagers watch on November 3 in Karo district in Indonesia. The volcano, which has been active since September 2013, erupted in February killing at least 15 people and forcing thousands to evacuate.



The Devil and the Dinosaur by Max Rive


Amazing photography Siberian husky dog playing


The Hurt Locker


Amazing photography Siberian husky dog playing


The  Photographer


Big Cat Small Cat Campaign by Whiskas Cat Food


Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava, Cataluña


The Food (sony fotografia awards 10)


Alone in Winter (sony fotografia awards 4)


Sweet Kisses (sony fotografia awards 1)


Andrea Klarin | © Pleasurephoto


Reflection (Aiguilles de Chamonix, Rhône-Alpes, France)


Indonesia by photographer Dewan Irawan


The other side


On top of the world


Nico Fredia Indonesian lifestyle


Dancers in Motion: Amazing Photos by Jesús Chapa-Malacara


The Moon Walk


One out of Many by Rob Dickinson


Amazing Arctic Landscapes


Herman Damar, a self-taught photographer in Indonesia, has captured beautiful moments from the everyday lives of villagers living outside of Jakarta, the nation’s capital.


Sunset over Gulf St. Vincent


Little boy hugging a wolf in forest on sunny day, amazing photography high definition images


Mysterious And Cinematic Photography by Stewart Isbell


Domestic little cat acting like wild


Amazing Auroral Photography by Trichardsen


Wild mustang running free


Amazing Night-time Hadouken Photography


Photographed by Bassam Allam’s


Amazing light house photography


Amazing shots from Teahupoo. Just the atmosphere. May 14th, 2013 (


The Night stephenwilkes


Double Cross Death by Bassam Allam


Photo by Minoru Nitta. A great thing about shooting surfing (


The famed Bukit Peninsula, from above. Photo: Childs


The bounty of Russia by Georgiy Chernyadyev (


Rainy Day Frineds by Jake Olson Studios ( Day Friends by Jake Olson Studios


Ranger with tusks of killed elephant , Amboseli 2011 (


The Smoking Room by Ryan Dyar ( Smoking Room by Ryan Dyar




Nature photography  by hamdi aziz (


Range to Reef Environmental – Perth Environmental Consultants | Amazing photography of the Aldabra Atoll! (


The boat and the moon (


Andy Rouse, Grebe Displaying (Great-crested grebe, Podiceps cristatus), Wales: “A pair of great-crested grebes during their courtship ritual, shot backlit to show the amazing colours on the water.”Andy Rouse.British Wildlife Photography Awards 2015 (


A Fading Memory – Amazing Photography by Daniel Ilinca


The Lightning


Winter Cave. One of the local ice guide guys arriving at a remote ice cave in southeast Iceland.


The Rise and Fall of the Fourth | by Bassam allam


Amazing Photography by Bass Harming


The Kangaroo Hop (


Dancing Honu
Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
When the waves are smaller, the endangered green sea turtles (known as “honu” in the Hawaiian language) come close to shore to feed on the seaweed. Little waits behind a breaking wave for the moment when the turtle escapes the danger. This turtle, dwarfed by a large wave breaking over its back, is probably pushing its luck too far. (Photo by Clark Little of Hawaii :


Gregory Crewdson photographer


Pictured: a shot from behind a breaking wave looking towards shore. Here, the photographer is under water and the curve of the wave distorts the beach scene elongating the palm trees (


Come to the edge of the majestic mountain, magical in snow, countless interesting places and spend leisure moments Swiss historic hotels. Welcome to the Swiss winter. (travel-service.It)


Ski resort in North America (


Amazing photography portraits from Africa by José Ferreira from Lisboa, Portugal (


Cracking The Surface | Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia : Image source: Ian Mcallister (


Amazing Photography by Florent (



Rio de Janero, Brazil


Portrait of a young Suri tribe boy in Regia Village, Kibish, southern Ethiopia (


Photo by Ashish Langade (


The beauty of farm life


Location: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Captured at the moment when two waves collide, a fan of water is thrust up in front of the sunrise. This image is one of Little’s most iconic shots, appearing as a two-page spread in “National Geographic” magazine in 2010.  Photo by Clark Little (


Amazing Photos of Bird Photography

Amazing Photography Stars Shots at Night By Ben Canales


Finland photographer Mikko Lagerstedt shared his Amazing Photography Art recently. Here are some amazing portraits of his creative works.


Tunnel Vision – Kings Beach, Sunshine Coast. Photo: Kieran Tunbridge (


Red Rose


Little Kitten on the Big Cat


The Elephant




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