PHOTOGRAPHY: What Make These Animal Photos Beautiful 1?

PHOTOGRAPHY: What Make These Animal Photos Beautiful 1?


The Zanzibar red colobus (Procolobus kirkii) is a monkey that lives only on Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania. They are an endangered species with no more than 3000 left in the wild. The people of Zanzibar hold negative views of the animal and call them `poison monkey’ because of their unusual smell. They live in groups of up to 50 individuals, with a 1:2 ratio of males to females. The red colobus eats leaves, seeds, and flowers that it finds in forests, coastal areas, and swamps. They also eat unripe fruit because they cannot break down the sugars in ripe fruit. They are known to eat charcoal to aid digestion. SourceOwlcation Image:


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They are known as the Peacock Albino, but this is not technically correct. This white peacock and peacock blue genetic variants of India.Through genetic mutation breeding is being maintained and white peacock can be found in parks and zoos around the world.




Gulls are seabirds of the family Laridae in the suborder Lari. They are most closely related to the terns and only distantly related to auks, skimmers, and more distantly to the waders. Source: Wikipedia Image:



The black panther is one of the most dangerous yet beautiful Panther species. Their black pigmentation on their body causes them to look like a mystical creature. One more striking feature is their silver-grey eyes that look like out of the world things. Panthers are usually found in the rainforest on the slopes of African mountains and Malaya. There are also sighting of this beautiful creature in the densely forested areas of southern China, Myanmar, Assam and Nepal. Source: Ground Zero Web


Beautiful Animals Photoghaphy Around the World

A lynx is a medium-sized wild cat that comes in four different species: Eurasian Lynx, Canada Lynx, Iberian Lynx and Bobcat. All species have white fur on their chests, bellies expanding further on the insides of their legs. Lynx has a short tail, padded paws and long whiskers on the face. They are native to the Europe and Africa. Source: Ground Zero Web Image: Photography Inspired


Green tree python (Morelia viridis) is a tropical rainforest python inhabiting predominantly lower montane and lowland rainforest ecosystem within the range of 0 to 2000 m. Green tree python will often be found in secondary woodlands and areas of re-growth. Its main habitat is basically in rainforests, bushes, shrubs and vegetations. In Australia the species is limited to the rainforests of eastern Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland. It is also broadly distributed in Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Source: Blok888 – blogger


1440387.  A Kermode bear mother climbs a crab apple tree to grab its fruit.

A Kermode bear mother climbs a crab apple tree to grab its fruit. Source:


What does a fox sound like?

Red Fox–Foxes belong to the family of Canidae and they are usually a little smaller than your everyday domestic dog. There are about 37 different species that can be referred to as a fox. They usually have a narrow snout and a bushy tail. Of the 37 species only 12 actually belong to the original line of foxes. The most common species of foxes is the red fox. Foxes are usually thought to be very cunning. All in all they are magnificent animals; they are wild but absolutely beautiful. Source: Smashing Lists Image:



Okapi: If you happen to visit the rainforests in the Northeast region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and see an animal that looks part zebra and part giraffe, you aren’t going crazy; you have just seen an okapi. The okapi is a relative of the giraffe, but not the zebra, so we aren’t sure where those zebra legs came from. In any case, this mixed and matched animal is quite adorable. It’s also quite shy, which is why it wasn’t discovered until the year 1900. Source: Gnxtgroup  Image: 


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The bongo is a herbivorous, mostly nocturnal forest ungulate. It is among the largest of the African forest antelope species. Source: Wikipedia   Image: Zoo Portraits








Most Beautiful And Rare Birds In The World

The golden pheasant or Chinese pheasant is a gamebird of the order Galliformes and the family Phasianidae. The genus name is from Ancient Greek khrusolophos, “with golden crest”, and pictus is Latin for “painted” from pingere, “to paint”. Source: Wikipedia Image: Pinterest

This is one of the most beautiful Appaloosa horses I have ever seen! Treville's…


The Appaloosa is an American horse breed best known for its colorful spotted coat pattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed, stemming from the influence of multiple breeds of horses throughout its history. Source: Wikipedia Image:


Top 10 of the Most Deadliest Big Cats

The cheetah is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae that occurs mainly in eastern and southern Africa and a few parts of Iran. Source: Wikipedia Image: Ten Insider


How Many Species Of Slow Lorises Live In The World Today?

Philippine Slow Loris: The Philippine slow loris (Nycticebus menagensis) is found in the Sulu Archipelago, Philippines, and Borneo, Indonesia. It is one of the smallest species of slow loris and weighs only 265 to 300 kg. The pale red to golden fur of the loris easily distinguishes it from the rest of the slow loris species. This arboreal and nocturnal creature is difficult to locate. Although it is omnivorous in nature, it is believed it is more inclined towards an insectivorous diet. IUCN labels the Philippine slow loris as a “Vulnerable” species. Source: World Atlas




Douc largo. Especies en peligro de extinción.

Douc Langur monkey – The douc langurs are amongst the most beautiful primates in the world. All 3 species are endemic to Indochina. Source:


owl monkey. SOOOOO cute

(Aotus azarae boliviensis) Bolivia Azara’s Night Monkey or Owl Monkey Saved from Source:





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The Red Panda is also known as the Lesser Panda, the Common Panda, the Bright Panda, the Red Cat Bear, and the Fire Fox. Though the Giant Panda is the Red Panda’s closest relative, the Red Panda actually looks more like a raccoon. Source: ImageGoogle Play


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Ring-tailed lemurs live in social troops of a dozen or so, led by a single, dominant female. Lemurs have pungent scent glands they use for communication and even battle. Male ring-tailed lemurs compete for mates by smearing scents from forearm glands onto the tips of their tails. Source:


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Birds od Paradise

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There are close to forty species of birds of paradise in New Guinea and no two look alike. The Red bird of paradise (Paradisaea rubra) is deep crimson with yellow highlights and has a pair of long wiry quills sprouting from its tail. The Goldie’s bird of paradise (Paradisaea decora) has a yellow and dark green body and large, fluffed crimson plumes on its back. The Ribbon-tailed Astrapia (Astrapia mayeri) is covered in metallic blues and greens with a “streamer” tail that extends over three times the length of its body. Source:


Northern Saw-whet Owls are native to North America. Image.via Bird's Eye View at

Botl saved to All About Owls Northern Saw-whet Owls are native to North America. Image.via Bird’s Eye View at Source:







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