Picture #1: To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors… A Mother With One Eye and His Beloved Son

Picture #1: To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors… A Mother With One Eye and His Beloved Son

A Mother With One Eye and His Beloved Son  




” My mom only had on eye i hated her she was such an embarrassment , she was a cook she cooked for teachers and students to support the family , there was this 1 day during elementary school when my mom came to say hello to me , i was so embarrased how could she do this to me?! i ignored her,threw her a hateful look and ran out , the next day at school one of my classmates said to me ‘ eeeooo your mom has only one eye ‘ , i wanted to bury myself i also want my mom to just disappear , so i confronted her that day and said ‘ if you’re gonna make me a laughing stock why don’t you just die ?!’ , i didn’t even stop to think a second about what i had said because i was full of anger , i was oblivious to her feelings , i wanted to get out of that house , so i studied really hard and got a chance to study in singapore , then i got married , i bought a house of my own , i had kids of my own , i was happy with my life ,  then one day my mother came to visit me , she hadn’t seen me in years , and she didn’t even meet her grandchildren , when she stood by the door , my children laughed at her , i screamed at her ‘ how dare you come to my house and scare my children , get out of here now , my other quietly answered ‘ oh i’m so sorry i may have gotten the wrong address ‘ , and she disappeared out of the sight , one day a letter regarding a school reunion came to my house , so i lied to my wife and told her that i was going to a business trip , after the reunion i went to my old house just because i was curious , my neighbours said that my mother died , i didn’t give a single tear !! , they gave me a letter she wanted me to have , ‘” My dearest son , i think of you all the time , i’m sorry that i came to singapore and scared your children , i was so glad when i heared that you are coming to the reunion , but i may not be able to even get out of bed to see you , i’m sorry that i was a constant embarrassment in your life , do you know that when you were very little you got into an accident and lost your eye , as a mother i couldn’t stand watching you growing up with one eye , so i gave you mine , i was so proud of my son who was seeing a whole new world  for me, in my place, with that eye. I was never upset at you for anything you did. The couple times that you were angry with me. I thought to myself, ‘it’s because he loves me.’ I miss the times when you were still young around me.

I miss you so much. I love you. You mean the world to me.

My world shattered!!!

Then I cried for the person who lived for me... MY MOTHER


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