Pictures of Incredible Bizarre Border Lines Between These Countries

Pictures of Incredible Bizarre Border Lines Between These Countries

Here are some pictures of a line that establishes or marks a border which is simply know are “borderline“.

What comes to your mind when you imagine a country’s border? Barbed wire, steel fences, barren fields and armed guards? Borders have always represented ‘NO ENTRY’ and restriction. But there are also borders stood for warmth and friendship. What if borders welcomed instead of turning away?


 Belgium – Netherlands 


Germany – Netherland


Do you think you know what a multinational company is? Well, they took that definition very literally at the Eurode Business Center in Kerkrade. The border between Germany and The Netherlands goes right through the building of this international company! There are two mailboxes for this company, a German one and a Dutch one. What’s crazy is that it takes approximately one week to send a letter from one to the other!


Mexico – USA  

A fence stretches across the border of the state Arizona and Mexico. The United States-Mexico border is the most frequently crossedborder in the world and is close to 2,000 miles long.img

Gordon Hyde / Wikimedia Commons


Sweden and Norway  

A snowmobiler prepares to ride the snow-covered border of Norway and Sweden.


Svinesundsbron/Svinesundsbrua, a bridge crossing the border between Sweden and Norway  


Portugal – Spain 


Bye bye Spain, here i come Portugal!! Zaaaaap!! This is the international zipline between Spain and Portugal. It is 2362 feet (720 mts) long! Would probably be an awesome ride!! One can travel back in time too.

The zip line is a privately funded passion project of Englishman limitezero.comDavid Jarman. On a busy day the zip line takes about 24-30 people per hour, at the price of 15 euros per person. Jarman forsees the slide functioning 200 days a year: closing in the second half of November and the second half of February. It will bring employment to 5 to 7 people on both sides of the border.


Russia – China 

These photos were taken in Mohe(the northest of China). The border between China and Russia.It is the middle of Heilongjiang River. The temperature here is -40℃ in winter,so we can stand on the river.


Minnesota, USA – Ontario, CA 


This is the Height of Land Portage, that separates the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (Minnesota, USA) and Superior National Park (Ontario, CA). It is significant for two reasons. The path runs along the country border, but it also bisects the Laurentian Divide, a geographical peak where the water in South Lake runs to the Gulf of Mexico, and the water in North Lake runs to the Hudson Bay. 


Canada and United States

( Incidentally is the longest border in the world at 5525 miles, [1] is pretty picturesque at places.)  


The town of Derby Line straddles the US/Canada border. The border passes right through the town, even through some buildings and homes.


India – Myanmar  

India and Myanmar Country Barbed Wire Border



Pakistan – Afghanistan 

“One of the most dangerous borders in the world.” 

From Afghanistan side

From Pakistan side

Frederick Grare of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace writes that the Pashtun question (PDF) is “an ethnic, political and geopolitical problem.

 Associated with (and named after) Khyber Fort in Arab peninsula that was conquered by the Caliph Hazrat Ali (AS) in early days of Islam, Khyber Pass in Pakistan is amazing defile that has seen and made history for centuries. From Central Asia to South Asia, the pass has heldopen the route for many, who ventured to reap the fortune of the extensive plans in the Subcontinent. It is awesome to see the marks and symbols left by those who took their chance through this way.
Gateway to the South Asia, the Pass has been centre of activity since ancient times. Caravans of merchants, missionaries, preachers of different philosophies, conquerors, artists and architects – from Aryan to Mughals – have moved from Central to South Asia for centuries. (In fourth century, Alexander from Macedon never took this route as it is wrongly considered, though. He took much difficult route further up in the north.) And, these days Afghan refugees come and go this way. Rail and modern automobiles commute through the historic pass where once only horses and camels used to stumble.  (contactpakistan)  
Afghanistan and Pakistan

The Torkham Gate divides Afghanistan from Pakistan, and is a major border crossing between the two. 


 Vatican – Italy City  


The entry to the famous St. Peter’s Square marks the border between Italy and the sovereign Catholic city-state of Vatican City.

Swiss Guards at an entrance to the Vatican.   

North Korea – South Korea

On the ground, along the demarcation line, is the Joint Security Area where the two countries stand face to face, conduct diplomatic negotiations, intimidate each other, and give tours to tourists.


The demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North Korea and South Korea is about 258 kilometers (160 miles) long and 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) wide. The area around it is so heavily guarded that no one even dares to set foot there, which is also a positive thing because of the rare fauna that can be found there.

South Korean military guards (foreground) facing their North Korean counterparts.  The Korean DMZ actually isn’t really a border because technically the countries are still at war and there have never been any agreements on where the border should be.   


India – Pakistan 


This remarkable photograph was taken aboard the International Space Station (ISS), the bright orange line you see is the border between India (above) and Pakistan (below). The bright line of light is created by the spotlights India placed along the 2009 kilometer (1248 miles) border during the past few years, they were placed to avoid smugglers from crossing the border between the two countries.

The Wagah border ceremony takes place every night before the flags are lowered at the only road between the two countries.  

Wagah border ceremony aggression toned down  


Myanmar – Laos – Thailand


The borders between the three countries of Mynamar, Laos, and Thailand are also called the Golden Triangle.

Burmese Border myanmar border and the golden triangle


Haiti – the Dominican Republic


Haiti (on the left) has limited deforestation laws compared to the Dominican Republic on the right, this results in a natural visible border between the neighboring North American countries.


China – Nepal 

The summit of Mt. Everest marks the border between the small, sovereign state of Nepal and China

What’s Mount Everest doing on this list? Everyone knows, that it’s the tallest mountain in the world, but what a lot of people don’t know is that the border of Nepal and China goes right through the middle of the mountain, including the peak itself — making it not just the highest mountain, but also the highest border area.

Kodari is a border crossing on the Nepal-China border. It s located in Sindhupalchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal.


USA and Russia 


Bet you didn’t know Russia is only 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) away from the US or, as Sarah Palin said it, “I can see Russia from my house.” This short distance between the two countries is because of two islands called the Diomede Islands. The big one in the back on the left side of the photograph is Russian and the smaller one in the foreground is American.  

The Diomede Islands are located on either side of the USA-Russia border. The Big Diomede Island (on the left) is a part of Russia and the Little Diomede is a part of Alaska (North America)


Spain – Morocco  


You’d think the border between Spain and Morocco would be quite clear, since the Strait of Gibraltar divides the two countries that are located on two different continents, but that’s not entirely true. In Morocco, on the coast of North Africa, lies a Spanish enclave called Ceuta. Morocco claims this piece of land and to stop them from doing so, Spain built a three meter (9 feet) fence around the small village.   

This picture taken on October 17, 2013 shows the border fence between Spain and Morocco. The fence was erected by Spain in attempt to stop illegal immigration from Morocco at the North African city of Ceuta.


Italy – Switzerland 

The Margherita Hut, on top of the Alps, sits on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It can only be accessed by foot and is used for a research center.


Venezuela – Brazil  

Taking into account that most of the border between Venezuela and Brazil is covered in nature and are almost inaccessible by foot, it is quite nice to be able to see both flags next to each other in this area:

Santa Elena de Uairén, Venezuela y Pacaraima, Brasil.

Heidi crossing the border from Venezuela to Brazil


Germany – the Czech Republic  

This is the border between Germany and the Czech Republic, showcasing two different approaches to bark beetle infestation – silvicultural intervention versus intentional neglect.

Explore the Sudety Mountains from eastern Germany along the northern border of the Czech Republic to south-western Poland.


Hong Kong – Mainland China  

Hong Kong and Mainland China used to share a border on the same street. One side of the road was British and the other was Chinese.

The border was marked with stone obelisks running down the centre. Here is a photo of a British military policeman and a Chinese police officer eyeing each other up.   The street is still the border between the two today, only it’s much more open. Chinese mainlanders can buy a day pass there and then for 10rmb and can cross the invisible line to shop at the small stores on the HK side. There are still soldiers at the ends of the street to prevent people from walking around into Hong Kong proper.

This crossing marks the entry into the Frontier Closed Area, a tightly controlled buffer zone between Hong Kong and mainland China.


Paraguay – Argentina – Brazil

The Rio Iguaçu running into the Paraná River, the border area between Argentina, Brazil


Chile – Argentina – Bolivia 


Slovakia – Poland 

The former border crossing at the summit.

the Poland/Slovakia border

A Photo Tour of the Tallest Mountains in Poland

Photograph by Jakub Polomski | The Tatra Mountains, also known as the ‘Tatras’ or ‘Tatra’, are a mountain range which forms a natural border between Slovakia and Poland. (twistedsifter)


Argentina – Chile 

Christ the Redeemer of the Andes, Argentina/Chile border


Tajikistan – Afghanistan

The Panj River formed from the Pamir River and the Wakhan River feeds the Amu Darya. The river also serves as a natural boundary between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

Although there are official bridge crossings across these two magnificent countries, many unofficial border crossings do exist for food aid to cross the river. On the top and to the right of the river is Afghanistan, on the left and towards the bottom is Tajikistan.


Venezuela – Brazil – Guyana  

It lies on the Guiana Shield in the southeastern corner of Venezuela’s 12,000 sq mile Canaima National Park forming the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range. The tabletop mountains of the park are considered some of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back to some two billion years ago.

Mount Roraima serves as the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana in South America. It is defended on all sides by tall cliffs rising 1,300 ft.


Egypt – Israel  

Security fence, Israel-Egypt border

Taba is one of the most alluring getaways on the Sinai Peninsula. Located on Egypt’s border with Israel, Taba’s lavish resorts allow visitors to enjoy breath-taking natural scenery that extends from bronze coloured mountains to the vibrant colours of the Red Sea.


Poland – Ukraine  

The border between Ukraine and Poland


Northern – Southern Hemisphere

In Ecuador (actually translates to ‘equator’ in English), there is a park named ‘Mitad del mundo’ (‘middle of the world’). The park showcases the equator. You can straddle the line and be in both hemispheres, North and South. There is folk dancing, museums, and great restaurants there.

“Middle of the Road” park in Ecuador is supposed to mark the point of zero degrees latitude, although there is some discrepancy to the claim.





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