Prince George and Princess Charlotte of UK

Prince George and Princess Charlotte of UK


Why Princess Charlotte is already worth £3 billion

8 September, 2015

Princess Charlotte may only be five months old, but no-one can accuse the young princess of failing to pay her way. According to business valuation agency Brand Finance, the newest addition to the royal family is worth a staggering £3.2bn – more than her big brother Prince George, whose net present value was estimated to be £2.4bn.

“Prince George will be king one day, but his sister is where the money is,” says CNN Money.

However, both youngsters will struggle to rival their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, whose value is estimated to be nearly £4.8bn.

“The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and their mother Kate, in particular, has a profound financial, effect running into millions annually,” said David Haigh, chief executive of Brand Finance, told IB Times.

Despite having appeared in public on only two occasions since her birth, much of the value that Princess Charlotte brings to the economy comes from the boost her outfits have given to the nation’s fashion retailers.

Items of clothing worn by both the young royals have consistently generated massive demand across the world. From the moment she first appeared the world outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital in May this year, Charlotte has been a trend-setter. The Nottingham firm that produced the £68 shawl in which she left the hospital spoke of a “dramatic increase in demand” after images of the infant wearing the garment were beamed around the world.

Similarly, the manufacturer behind the glamorous vintage pram, which brought Charlotte to her christening, told CNN that it had been “inundated with messages, emails and calls” in the aftermath of the ceremony.

As the princess grows older and appears in a wider variety of outfits, there is good reason to believe that the “Charlotte effect” is sure to be felt even more keenly in the retail industry. Prince George’s outfits, credited with bringing retro styles back into vogue, have already stirred demand – and his sister’s are likely to do the same.



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