Technology: 1 Simple Trick to Fix Your Slow Computer

Technology: 1 Simple Trick to Fix Your Slow Computer

1 Simple Trick to Fix Your Slow Computer

Reveal How to Speed Up Your PC in Minutes…

Elliott Swan By Elliott Swan | Smart Web User 

Do You Have a Slow Computer? Do Not Buy a New PC or Call a Repair Company. This 1 simple trick is saving people thousands in new computer costs!

BY ELLIOT SWAN – Windows Computer Technician Elliot Swan investigates a new solution that is quickly gaining popularity among the average PC consumer.

If you live in Philippines and have a slow Windows computer which is over six months old, then this may be the best news you hear all year.

We explore how a blogger claims to have solved slow computer issues by pure chance and has many experts and retailers furious. Studies have revealed that manufacturers build computers to fail prematurely by design. Think about it, if consumers didn’t buy their expensive new upgrades every few years, the manufacturers would soon be out of business.

So are computer manufacturers making equipment that purposely fails over time with no solutions, or are there hidden ways to restore your computer to work like new again? Could the reason your computer runs slow be down to issues which can be easily fixed with the right software?

This one simple trick is saving people across Philippines thousands.

The trick was discovered by complete chance when a tech blogger was reviewing a product called ScanGuard™.

He noticed that after running a quick scan which lasted just 2 minutes his computer was running like new.

The blogger was so impressed that he posted his results online and this simple trick to speed up a computer went viral in a matter of hours, now thousands of people are rushing to get their hands on the software to restore their PC performance.

Not only had ScanGuard™ removed potentially harmful threats from his PC, but it had also enhanced its performance, something which the anonymous blogger wasn’t expecting and had never seen before from any product, let alone an Antivirus.

One user, we spoke to said, “Browsing the web used to be frustrating as my computer took what seemed like an eternity to load. After I used Scanguard, it detected an adware virus which it removed, and it now loads in seconds.

ScanGuard™ will detect and eliminate any Viruses, Adware, or Malware which are silently dormant on your computer ready to bombard you with advertising, slow down your computer, or even, steal your personal information like credit card data when shopping online or Internet banking.

So How Do I Speed Up My Computer?

If you own a Windows computer, and it’s over 6 months old, then you are eligible for a free scan.

Step 1: Get your free copy which is available for limited time. Click here to download ScanGuard™

UPDATE: This free promotion is due to end on 7th November 2016 (Strictly first come first serve)





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