TERRIBLE: Man RAPES His Dog And Gets Stuck Inside It

TERRIBLE: Man RAPES His Dog And Gets Stuck Inside It

A man, Bernard Marsonek had been stuck inside his dog during a sexual escapade with the animal in front of his house in Florida.

The neighbours of the 57-year-old man heard his cry for help and called the attention of the police who arrested him on charges of animal cruelty.


Bernard Marsonic , 57, arrested on charges of animal cruelty after being caught stuck while raping his dog in Florida

Police investigation disclosed that Marsonek had engaged his dog in a sexual affair and within a short while, his manhood got stuck inside the dog whose name was given as Pounder.

Worldwide Weird News reported on Wednesday, January 14, 2015 that Marsonek who was experiencing serious pains screamed for help while stuck inside the dog.

Eye witnesses told him to let go of the dog and stop raping the animal but he said, “I can’t. I am stuck.”

It took some rescue officials about 35 minutes to separate the dog from him.

His house was raided by police officers who discovered a gun and ammunition and also recovered about eight dogs which the man claims to be taking turns to have sex with them every night

He was arrested and was charged with aggravated animal cruelty, two counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and a single count of sexual activity with animals.

Meanwhile, he was remanded in jail pending on when he meets his bail option of $17,500.

Source: The Trend

By Chidinma Unigwe | Staff Writer on January 18, 2015


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