Terror of Love: Acid Wash

Terror of Love: Acid Wash

Somayeh Mehri,  who is 28-years old and the resident of Hemmatabad village of Bam city  had frequently been beaten and locked up by her husband, and finally found the courage to ask for a divorce.

Somayeh Mehri before the acid attack.

Amir, Somayeh’s husband and Rana’s father who was a drug addict, warned her that if she persisted in her attempts to leave him, she would not live out life with the face she had.  

In the middle of one of nights of June 2011, in reply to Somayeh’s divorce request, Amir  poured a bucket of acid on Somayeh and Rana as they slept.Their faces, hands, and bodies were severely burned. Somayeh Mehri lost both her eyes, ears and nose and burns affecting 60 percent of her body area. Rana, her daughter that is just 3-years old lost one of her eyes completely and her face burnt severely. 

Pouring acid on women and destroying their faces to prevent from their remarriage or in reaction to rejecting propose has became a common matter in the culture of some regions of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Presently, Amir is in prison by Somayeh’s complain and she and her daughter are being treated in Tehran hospitals and it is expected that more than one hundred surgeries to be done on them and the cost of these surgeries is so heavy for Somayeh’s family that her father (Reza Mehri) had to sell many parts of his palm grove which is the only income source of his family to provide the surgeries costs of her daughter and granddaughter and could be a balm for her daughter’s wound.Somayeh’s father sold his land in order to raise money to pay their medical expenses, and fellow villagers have also helped.






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