Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Websites in the World in Internet 2014

Top 10 Most Popular Social Networking Websites in the World in Internet 2014

1.Face book

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At present Face Book has become the major social networking website due to its 500 million unique users. It was founded in 2004 for the educational purpose which later on turned into the major website for connecting people. According to a recent survey conducted in 2013, more than 5299 people are working as the face book employees. Its net income is increasing gradually according to 2012 estimates its net income was valued $53 million. Face Book is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA.


Twitter is the second largest and most used social networking website with most users in the world than many other social websites. It allows the users to send and receive messages and these messages are called tweets. Twitter was founded on 21st march 2006 and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. It is earning more than 140 US dollars having more than 900 employees in the different countries of the world. Twitter is being used about all the countries by millions of users but China has the most Twitter uses than other nations.


This is the third largest, best and most popular social networking website which is specially designed for the professionals. It was founded in United States which is one of the richest countries in the world. Its number of employees is 4800 and net income according to 2012 estimates was calculated it has Google Page Rank: 9, Alexa Rank: 8 and Users: 259* Million.



Basically it is not considered as a social networking website, but indirectly it is functioning as a social website because it is facilitating people to share and upload their videos to friends and family and many other features are attracting people so we have given it the fourth rank due to its highest number of users around the globe. Its millions of users are increasing its importance over the globe. Alexa Rank: 3, Google Page Rank: 9.

5.Google Plus


Google+ is one of the most used social networking sites around the globe having more than 150,000,000 unique visitors. It was founded in 2011 and it is the ownership of Google Inc. According to 2013 estimate, it has more than 540 million users in the world.



It is a great social network website which was launched in 2010 and within the short period of only three years, it got the sixth rank as one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. Its Alexa Rank is 28 and its estimated monthly unique visitors are 140,500,000.



It is hosting more than 139.4 million blogs around the globe. It was founded in Feb 2007 and more than 192 employees are working for the website. It is headquartered in New York City having more than 125,000,000 unique monthly visitors and its Alexa rank is 25.



Flickr is video and image hosting company which was created by Ludicorp and launched in 2004. Its Alexa rank is 65. According to a recent report more than 3.5 million images are uploaded daily. More than 84 million registered users are taking advantage of Flickr services.



VK is also called VKontakte which is a Russian Social network service which was launched on 10 October 2006 Created by Pavel Durov. VK has more than 228 million users having Google Page rank 9 and Alexa rank 23. Pavel Durov is the owner of website.

10. Instagram


Instagram is one of the fastest, beautiful and a fun websites to share life with friends and family. It has enabled its users to share their pictures and videos with their according to their need. It has Google Page Rank 8 and 39 Alexa Rank. Its monthly unique visitors are estimated as 50,000,000 making it the 10th largest and most popular social network website in the world.

Question of the day
Q : Did you know which is the most popular social networking website in the world and from which country does it belongs?
Ans : At present Facebook is the Major Social Site with millions of users, and only United sates has more than 166,029,240 users either they are using it on Web or through a mobile app. It belongs to United States which has a very good reputation in the world due to its fastest growing economy.


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