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Drink Water On Empty Stomach . . . . .
It is Popular in Japan today to Drink water immediately after Waking up Every Morning. Furthermore, Scientific tests have proven its value. We publish below a Description of use of Water for our readers. For old and Serious Diseases as well as Modern illnesses the Water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese Medical Society as a 100% cure for the following diseases:
Headache, Body Ache, Heart System, Arthritis, Fast Heart Beat, Epilepsy, Excess Fatness, Bronchitis Asthma, TB, Meningitis, Kidney and Urine Diseases, Vomiting, Gastritis, Diarrhea, Piles, Diabetes, Constipation, all Eye Diseases, Womb, Cancer And Menstrual Disorders, Ear Nose and Throat Diseases.

1. As you Wake up in the Morning Before brushing teeth, Drink 4 x 160ml Glasses of Water
2. Brush and Clean the mouth but don’t Eat or Drink Anything for 45 Minutes.
3. After 45 Minutes you May Eat and Drink as Normal.
4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, Lunch and Dinner do not Eat or Drink anything for 2 Hours
5. Those who are old or Sick and are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and Gradually increase it to 4 Glasses Perday.
6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.
The following list gives the number of days of treatment required to cure/control/reduce main diseases:
1. High Blood Pressure (30 days)
2. Gastric (10 days)
3. Diabetes (30 days)
4. Constipation (10 days)
5. Cancer (180 days)
6. TB (90 days)
7. Arthritis patients should follow the above treatment only for 3 days in the 1st week, and from 2nd week onwards – daily.

Hoax or Fact:
Mixture of hoax and facts.

The message claims that drinking 4 glasses of water on empty stomach every morning before brushing your teeth cures you wide variety of diseases. It is a fact that drinking water early morning on empty stomach keeps your body clean, hydrated and healthy, but that alone does not treat all diseases as mentioned in the message.
Like mentioned in the message, we did not find any evidence of Japanese scientific research that supports this magical claim. Diabetes, Cancer and TB are deadly diseases that cannot be cured easily by the latest medical technologies available, saying that water alone can treat all that is an exaggerated hoax.

One part of the message says that drinking cold water after taking meals and oily stuff leads to cancer. This is again a hoax. Human body is adaptable to temperature changes and the digestive juices are strong enough to digest oily food. There is a probability that the oils may turn and stay as fats, but that turning into cancer is a certain hoax.
While the mild symptoms of heart attack mentioned in the message are facts, which can easily be mistaken for indigestion problems, heart attacks are same in both men and women. There have been many such false claims that drinking water can help in many other ways like avoiding stroke or heart attack. If that were true, all the heart disease foundations would have advised the same. The only fact in the above message is that drinking excess water early in the morning aids constipation, but that too only to a certain extent.
Therefore, the message claiming drinking water on empty stomach cures all kinds of diseases is a certain hoax. Drinking excess water has no magical effect on health, but it certainly has some benefits. Please read the reference section.
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Drinking Excess Water has no effect on Blood Pressure
Uses of Drinking Water

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