VIRAL PEOPLE: Reason Why This Thai Beauty Queen Is Bowing Down Next To Bins Will Touch Your Heart

VIRAL PEOPLE: Reason Why This Thai Beauty Queen Is Bowing Down Next To Bins Will Touch Your Heart

INSPIRATIONAL: Khanittha ‘Mint’ Phasaeng could not believe that she was crowned as Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015. With full of honor and gratitude, she went home to her hometown to thank her mother for all the hard work raising her and become who she is now. And according to DramaFever News Mint never felt ashamed: ‘What I have today is because of my mother. She and I make a living by doing honest work, so there is no reason why I should feel inferior.’

For many Asian’s the highest form of respect is to kneel, no matter what the situation.

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The 17-year-old beauty queen has touched the people across the world through this photo that circulated online. In the photo, the young beauty queen showed the highest form of expressing great respect to her mother by kneeling in front of her with  her glittering crown, silk sash and heels.

Touching moment: Mint - wearing her crown, sash and heels - kneels before her mother in front of filthy rubbish bins to say thank you for raising herSource: The touching moment has captured many people’s hearts as Mint’s mother who raised her alone, makes a living by collecting and recycling trash.

Netizens felt more touched by the beauty queen’s humble past. According to reports, Mint was raised by her mother alone and before bringing home the crown, she helped her mother in collecting and sorting the garbage that they gathered and did some menial jobs in order to contribute a little on their daily expenses. The family grew up in complete poverty, so much so they could not afford to send the beauty queen to school. She gave up school in order to make way for the education of her brother and lessen their household expenses.


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“I started helping my mom collect garbage when I was in elementary school,” Mint said. “Am I ashamed? No. I am proud because it is a legal job. I grew up and got an education because my garbage-collecting mother raised me.”

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Khanittha claims she has never been teased by friends nor does she feel ashamed about her mother’s profession.

She maintains and optimistic outlook on life, continuing to help her family by working on many menial jobs, and assisting her mother when collecting and recycling rubbish.

According to the Bangkok Post Mint’s mother separated from her father when she was young, but she has since remarried.

 Wearing plain clothes, Mint helps helps her mother sort through the the rubbish  Source: Daily Mail. Co. Uk Image Finance Twiter.Com

Miss Uncensored News Thailand 2015 was held on September 25, 2015. It is open to both women and transgenders.

By chance, Mint was recommended to participate in a beauty contest in Thailand. She never imagined winning the competition because of her upbringing.

The tall beauty queen at her home in Thailand stands proudly wearing her silk sash and crown Source Daily Mail. Co. Uk
“When the referee announced the winner it felt like a dream. I thought how can an ordinary girl like me be a beauty queen. All I have accomplished today is because of my mother’s hard work,” Mint told. She won the prize money of 30,000 baht.

However, she almost lost her crown when organizers discovered she had lied about her educational background by stating on the application form that she had passed Mathayom 6 (Level 12) when in fact her highest educational achievement was merely Mathayom 3. It blew up when a university contacted them to offer her a scholarship.

Proud moment: Mint hugs her mother who she thanked by kneeling before her in the most touching wayProud moment: “What I have today is because of my mother. She and I make a living by doing honest work, so there is no reason why I should feel inferior” – said the beauty queen.  Image Source: Daily Mail.Co. UK

Ms Mint apologized to Somchai Leknoi, the contest organizer, for the education background lie. She claimed that she had no intention of doing it and had failed to check her application which was filled in by her uncle. Fortunately, it wasn’t a big deal because the event did not limit the education of competitors.

“I actually left school at Mathayom 2 and got a non-formal education to finish Mathayom 3,” she said yesterday. “I did not intend to deceive anyone, but I was afraid I would not be able to enter the contest.”

The crown and sash doesn’t bother her as she gets stuck into hard work at home. Image Facebook.Com  

It is unclear where in Thailand her family home is, but Mint’s story has been widely praised and circulated across the country.

The People’s Daily Online reports that many people from impoverished backgrounds are saying she is not only beautiful but strong and dutiful, as she continues to help her mother sort rubbish.

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The humble beauty queen hopes to continue her study at college as soon as she saves enough money.

Let’s hope Khanittha “Mint” Phasaeng could fulfill her dreams and her story will inspire people about poverty and the respect for their elders.

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Now, Mint has signed contracts on various projects in advertisement, film and television. Although she’s now living her dream, she mentioned that her family will still continue to collect and sort garbage.




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