Where Are You Now..You wonder where I am?

Where Are You Now..You wonder where I am?

Your smile, shapes your beautiful lips
Your eyes, window to heaven
Your you, steal my attention
You’re everything that I’ve been searching for

Where are you now
You wonder where I am
There’s gotta be a place for me
Somewhere in your heart

We’ve never met, you’re just in my dream
But I know that you’re looking for me
We’ll know it the moment we meet

Where are you now
Do you need to be found
Are you lost in the crowd and I’m passing you
Am I moving too fast for you
Cause I’ll slow down

Going through my life without you by my side
You’re the only thing that keeps going through my mind
And nothing that I do can take the place of you

Where are you now
I’m screaming out loud
Hopelessly thinking you’ll hear me
And come running to me but you’re not around






What are your thoughts?