WWII Women:Some History Photos of WWII Women Slavery and Humility

WWII Women:Some History Photos of WWII Women Slavery and Humility



Japanese Military Instituted Sexual Slavery: 
“Comfort Women” - Ianfu 
“Comfort Houses” or 
“Consolation Centers” 
o 35...


‘Comfort woman’ is a translation of the Japanese euphemism, jugun ianfu, (military comfort women), referring to women of various ethnic and national backgrounds and social circumstances who became sex slaves for the Japanese troops before and during World War Two.

Military brothels existed across the Asia Pacific region in areas occupied by the Japanese forces.

There is no way to determine precisely how many women were forced to serve as comfort women, but estimates range from 80,000 to 200,000, of whom about 80 per cent of whom are thought to have been Korean.

Some of the girls forced into sexual slavery were as young as 12 years old, according to Chinese legal groups.

An 'inexcusable act': Historians estimate that the Japanese military forced up to 200,000 women to act as prostitutes during World War II

An ‘inexcusable act‘: Historians estimate that the Japanese military forced up to 200,000 women to act as prostitutes during World War II

Japanese women and women of other occupied territories (such as Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Burma and the Pacific islands) were also used as comfort women, according to a report by San Francisco State University.

The authorities believed the comfort system would enhance the morale of the military and help prevent soldiers from committing sexual violence toward women of occupied territories, which became a real concern after the infamous Nanjing Massacre in 1937.

They were also concerned with the health of the troops, which prompted close supervision of the hygienic conditions in the comfort stations to help keep STDs under control.

When the war ended, the only military tribunal concerning the sexual abuse of comfort women took place in Batavia (now Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia) in 1948.

Several Japanese military officers were convicted for having forced the 35 Dutch women involved in the case into comfort stations.

File photo shows women who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese troops being transported to a Japanese military camp.

The issue began to emerge in Korea only in the late 1980s.

The Japanese government admitted deception, coercion and official involvement in the recruitment of comfort women in August 1993, but critics said they needed to go much further.

After Japan’s surrender it is reported that it set up a similar system there for American GIs, with tacit approval from U.S. authorities,

Japanese officials visited a New Jersey town in April 2012 to ask for a memorial to the thousands of Korean women and girls who were enslaved to be removed. (dailymail.co.uk)     


Disgraceful: Disgraceful: Four ‘Comfort Girls’ captured in the hills of Luzon, play mahjong during recess period in woman’s detention home on outskirts of Manila.The girls were part of a group which rotated among various Japanese Battalions. (dailymail)


Investigation: A young Chinese woman who was in one of the Imperial Japanese Army's 'comfort battalions' is interviewed by an Allied officer Investigation: A young Chinese woman who was in one of the Imperial Japanese Army’s ‘comfort battalions’ is interviewed by an Allied officer (en.wikipedia.org


File:A British merchant being carried by a Sikkimese lady.jpg   A British merchant being carried by a Sikkimese lady on her back. West Bengal circa 1903.  (commons.wikimedia.org)

Uniform and clothing

Women prisoners selected for work at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, 1944. On arrival these women had their own clothes taken away and replaced by the smock uniform worn in the Nazi concentration camps.   Women prisoners selected for work at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, 1944. On arrival these women had their own clothes taken away and replaced by the smock uniform worn in the Nazi concentration camps. © 2011 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority.

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Original – A woman condemned to death in Mongolia is seen from the porthole of a crate inside which she is encumbered and left to die of starvation. (wikipedia)

 Starving Mongolian Woman: This was published in National Geographic in 1913 by Stefan Passe. Mongolia was newly independent. A common punishment for criminals was being placed in a box like this in public possibly until starvation. (viralnova.com)


A sculpture in Mujibnagar, Dhaka depicts the tens of thousands of rapes of Bengali women by the Pakistani Military in 1971. (pinterest)


Simone Segouin, the 18 year old French Résistance fighter, French female collaborator punished by having her head shaved to publicly mark her, 1944.


The year of vengeance: How neighbours turned on each other and anarchy erupted in the aftermath of WWII  
Humiliated: A French woman accused of sleeping with Germans has her head shaved by neighbors in a village near Marseilles
Humiliated: A French woman accused of sleeping with Germans has her head shaved by neighbors in a village near Marseilles


Her head shaved by angry neighbours, a tearful Corsican woman is stripped naked and taunted for consorting with German soldiers during their occupation Humiliated: Her head shaved by angry neighbours, a tearful Corsican woman is stripped naked and taunted for consorting with German soldiers during their occupation
The truth is that World War II, which we remember as a great moral campaign, had wreaked incalculable damage on Europe’s ethical sensibilities. And in the desperate struggle for survival, many people would do whatever it took to get food and shelter.

In Allied-occupied Naples, the writer Norman Lewis watched as local women, their faces identifying them as ‘ordinary well-washed respectable shopping and gossiping housewives’, lined up to sell themselves to young American GIs for a few tins of food.

Another observer, the war correspondent Alan Moorehead, wrote that he had seen ‘the moral collapse’ of the Italian people, who had lost all pride in their ‘animal struggle for existence’.

Amid the trauma of war and occupation, the bounds of sexual decency had simply collapsed. In Holland one American soldier was propositioned by a 12-year-old girl. In Hungary scores of 13-year-old girls were admitted to hospital with venereal disease; in Greece, doctors treated VD-infected girls as young as ten.

What was more, even in those countries liberated by the British and Americans, a deep tide of hatred swept through national life.

Everybody had come out of the war with somebody to hate.

In northern Italy, some 20,000 people were summarily murdered by their own countrymen in the last weeks of the war. And in French town squares, women accused of sleeping with German soldiers were stripped and shaved, their breasts marked with swastikas while mobs of men stood and laughed. Yet even today, many Frenchmen pretend these appalling scenes never happened.  (dailymail.co.uk)


 American soldiers were almost as bad as the Russian soldiers when it came to exploiting German women during and after WW2

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, then a young captain in the Red Army and a committed opponent to such outrages, describes the entry of his regiment into East Prussia in January 1945: “Yes! For three weeks the war had been going on inside Germany and all of us knew very well that if the girls were German they could be raped and then shot. This was almost a combat distinction.  (uncensoredhistory.blogspot.com)


zoya hanging





   Ota Benga (1883-1916) was an African Congolese Pygmy, who was put on display in the monkey house at the Bronx Zoo in New York in1906    

The African Pygmy, “Ota Benga.”
Age, 23 years. Height, 4 feet 11 inches.
Weight 103 pounds,
Brought from the Kasai River, Congo Free State, South Central Africa,
by Dr. Samuel P. Verner.
Exhibited each afternoon during September.   


                   Congolese women reality: Shackled together, enslaved in their own homeland, held as hostages until their men returned with enough rubber to make King Leopold and the Belgium people rich beyond their wildest dreams. While impoverishing and enslaving the native people.    (usslave.blogspot.com)  


   Belgian women who had collaborated with the Germans are shaved, tarred and feathered and forced to give a Nazi salute.



Islamic slavery enslaving the women and children of a number of Arabian tribes (Quraiza,Khaybar, Mustaliq and Hawazin etc.).


           Mauritania is consistently ranked as the worst place in the world for slavery, with tens of thousands still trapped in total servitude across the country.  (mirage-a-trois.blogspot.com)   


—“Hercegovinian woman”, a young housewife and mother carried away by Turkish troopers, her husband and baby lie dead at her feet Mention the word ‘slavery’, and it will immediately conjure up pictures of negroid cotton pickers and sad savages being marched in chains by Arab slave traders, but very little is ever said about the enslavement of white European Christians.—Read More:http://armeniansworld.com/?tag=white-slavery

This, it can reasonably be argued, merely proves how deep the brutalization went. But what about the Paphlagonian names Atotas in the Athenian silver mines, who claimed descent from one of the Trojan heroes and whose tomb inscription included the boast, ” No one could match me in skill”? The skill and artistry of slaves was to be seen everywhere, for they were not used only as crude labor in fields but were employed in the potteries and textile mills, on temples and other public buildings, to perform the most delicate work. The psychology of the slave in the ancient world was obviously more complicated than mere sullen resentment, at least under “normal” conditions. (madamepickwickartblog.com)


The Irish: The Forgotten White Slaves      

They came as slaves: human cargo transported on British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.
Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. Some were burned alive and had their heads placed on pikes in the marketplace as a warning to other captives.
We don’t really need to go through all of the gory details, do we? We know all too well the atrocities of the African slave trade.
But are we talking about African slavery? King James VI and Charles I also led a continued effort to enslave the Irish. Britain’s Oliver Cromwell furthered this practice of dehumanizing one’s next door neighbor.
The Irish slave trade began when James VI sold 30,000 Irish prisoners as slaves to the New World. His Proclamation of 1625 required Irish political prisoners be sent overseas and sold to English settlers in the West Indies.
By the mid 1600s, the Irish were the main slaves sold to Antigua and Montserrat. At that time, 70% of the total population of Montserrat were Irish slaves.
Ireland quickly became the biggest source of human livestock for English merchants. The majority of the early slaves to the New World were actually white.
From 1641 to 1652, over 500,000 Irish were killed by the English and another 300,000 were sold as slaves. Ireland’s population fell from about 1,500,000 to 600,000 in one single decade.
Families were ripped apart as the British did not allow Irish dads to take their wives and children with them across the Atlantic. This led to a helpless population of homeless women and children. Britain’s solution was to auction them off as well.
During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia.
Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder. In 1656, Cromwell ordered that 2000 Irish children be taken to Jamaica and sold as slaves to English settlers.
Many people today will avoid calling the Irish slaves what they truly were: Slaves. They’ll come up with terms like “Indentured Servants” to describe what occurred to the Irish. However, in most cases from the 17th and 18th centuries, Irish slaves were nothing more than human cattle.
As an example, the African slave trade was just beginning during this same period. It is well recorded that African slaves, not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology and more expensive to purchase, were often treated far better than their Irish counterparts.
African slaves were very expensive during the late 1600s (£50 Sterling). Irish slaves came cheap (no more than £5 Sterling). If a planter whipped, branded or beat an Irish slave to death, it was never a crime. A death was a monetary setback, but far cheaper than killing a more expensive African.
The English masters quickly began breeding the Irish women for both their own personal pleasure and for greater profit. Children of slaves were themselves slaves, which increased the size of the master’s free workforce.
Even if an Irish woman somehow obtained her freedom, her kids would remain slaves of her master. Thus, Irish mothers, even with this new found emancipation, would seldom abandon their children and would remain in servitude.
In time, the English thought of a better way to use these women to increase their market share: The settlers began to breed Irish women and girls (many as young as 12) with African men to produce slaves with a distinct complexion. These new “mulatto” slaves brought a higher price than Irish livestock and, likewise, enabled the settlers to save money rather than purchase new African slaves.
This practice of interbreeding Irish females with African men went on for several decades and was so widespread that, in 1681, legislation was passed “forbidding the practice of mating Irish slave women to African slave men for the purpose of producing slaves for sale.” In short, it was stopped only because it interfered with the profits of a large slave transport company.
England continued to ship tens of thousands of Irish slaves for more than a century. Records state that, after the 1798 Irish Rebellion, thousands of Irish slaves were sold to both America and Australia. There were horrible abuses of both African and Irish captives. One British ship even dumped 1,302 slaves into the Atlantic Ocean so that the crew would have plenty of food to eat.
There is little question the Irish experienced the horrors of slavery as much (if not more, in the 17th Century) as the Africans did. There is also little question that those brown, tanned faces you witness in your travels to the West Indies are very likely a combination of African and Irish ancestry.
In 1839, Britain finally decided on it’s own to end its participation in Satan’s highway to hell and stopped transporting slaves. While their decision did not stop pirates from doing what they desired, the new law slowly concluded this chapter of Irish misery.
But, if anyone, black or white, believes that slavery was only an African experience, then they’ve got it completely wrong. Irish slavery is a subject worth remembering, not erasing from our memories.
But, why is it so seldom discussed? Do the memories of hundreds of thousands of Irish victims not merit more than a mention from an unknown writer?
Or is their story to be the one that their English masters intended: To completely disappear as if it never happened.
None of the Irish victims ever made it back to their homeland to describe their ordeal. These are the lost slaves; the ones that time and biased history books conveniently forgot.


      Slave Auction, Jean Leon Jerome, 1866. Jews were the foremost entrepreneurs in the White Slave traffic, selling even young Jewesses as sex slaves along with abducted women ans children of other races. The girls were paraded naked before customers and always asked to open their mouth wide. Like horses, they had to let their teeth be inspected and tapped for soundness.

A prospective buyer on the Barbary Coast of North Africa carefully examining a female slave before bidding.

In all the great European cities, a certain type of prostitute was always to be found: exotic and semi-Asiatic in appearance. She was Jewish, and she was very much in demand. The word “Jewess” therefore entered the language as a loose synonym for “Jewish prostitute”.

When Keats refers to Jewish prostitutes in an unpublished poetic fragment quoted in a private letter (1819), he doesn’t call them “prostitutes”. He just calls them “Jewesses”. Why? Because so many Jewesses were prostitutes that the two terms had virtually become interchangeable. “Nor in obscurèd purlieus would he seek / For curlèd Jewesses with ankles neat, / Who as they walk abroad make tinkling with their feet.” (darkmoon.me)


       Jews had a monopoly on the slave trade. (deliberation.info)


Romanus Pontifex, issued on January 8, 1455, then sanctioned the purchase of black slaves from “the infidel”.

His excuse?

“… many Guineamen and other negroes, taken by force, and some by barter of unprohibited articles, or by other lawful contract of purchase, have been … converted to the Catholic faith, and it is hoped, by the help of divine mercy, that if such progress be continued with them, either those peoples will be converted to the faith or at least the souls of many of them will be gained for Christ.”

It most certainly was not “Christ” he was looking to “gain” those poor slaves for, nor did he give a fig for their “souls”.

It was power and money, plain and simple, that he was after. He was trying to shore up that faction of the Nesilim – the Catholics – and their insane world-domination plans.

It was also under Nicholas V, in 1452, that his Dominican Inquisitor Nicholas Jacquier“confirms” witchcraft as heresy in Flail Against the Heresy of Witchcraft thereby justifying European witchhunts. This began the burning of over 200,000 people over the next two hundred years – mostly women – on the charge of Witchcraft.

witch burnings

Slavery and burning witches began with this guy, he was the real thing – a slavemaster.

witch burning slave

Pope nicholas V by Peter_Paul_Rubens in 1616Nesilim nose – See book Scientology Roots, Chapter 5

The first African slaves arrived in Spain (Hispaniola) in 1501. By 1518, King Charles I of Spain approved the shipping of slaves directly from Africa as a trade.

Human slavery, despite all the flowery protestations of “humanism”, was the cornerstone of the fledgling British Empire. That term itself, British Empire, having been coined by slavemaster agent Dr. John Dee.

The first rumblings of what we call the Rise of the Slavemasters, had begun with Henry the VIII, Queen Elizabeth’s father. His was the House of Tudor, whom many considered had no rightful claim to the throne. Rightful, meaning as approved the Catholic Church, in other words. Henry accomplished many things during his reign, not the least was the breaking of the stranglehold that the Nesilim – the Holy Roman Empire – were exerting over what was termed “the world” – which was really just a small, obscure part of it. A few islands and some land on the continent.

The English, or “britons” all had their roots in the same race – a race which today we call “German”.

The English are the descendants of three Germanic tribes:

  • the Angles, who came from Angeln (in modern Germany): their whole nation emigrated to Britain, leaving their former land empty.
  • the Saxons, from Lower Saxony and
  • the Jutes, from the Jutland peninsula (Danish).

They, in turn, had been part of an emigration of the Nesilim, when they left their homeland of Nesa (modern Turkey), and settled first in Constantinople and then spreading to what is now Germany.

The name England (Old English: Engla land or Ængla land) originates from the first of the three tribes mentioned above. Their language, Anglo-Saxon or Old English, derived from West Germanic dialects. Anglo-Saxon was divided into four main dialects: West Saxon, Mercian, Northumbrian and Kentish.

After the Norman Conquest, their language changed into what is called Middle English, in the years leading up to the Rise of the Slavemasters.

This is the language we mostly find Dr. Dee having his “english” – as opposed to Latin – writings be in the form of.

All throughout this time period, what people refer to as “the Bible” was only in Latin, and very few people were even allowed to be taught this unnatural and invented language – a form of code – not dissimilar to the type of languages small children invent to speak to each other so that “grownups” don’t know what they are saying.

Note: There are no real records, of anyone using a language called Latin prior to the rise of the Holy Roman Empire. It is the invention of that empire, and the Catholic Church.

The use of this “special” language. This meant that priests and scholars could pretty much tell “the people” whatever they wanted as to what some book or tract said – or what God said even – and no one would be the wiser. That is how propaganda, (the word itself came from the Catholic Church) was handled prior to the 16th century.

To this day, many subjects have their own “special language” – in some cases using this same Latin – this act as a sort of ‘insider knowledge’. A fact, and an exclusory practice, which is in no way unintentional.  (mikemcclaughry.wordpress.com)



German soldiers march Polish women shot woodsGerman soldiers march Polish women to be shot in the woods  

Hardly any soldier says that he was directly involved, but many talk about what they saw or heard. The accounts are often astonishingly detailed and, in any case, much more precise than the information German investigators could later glean from witness testimony. In April 1945, Major General Walter Bruns describes what happened during a typical “Jew operation” he witnessed.
Bruns: “The trenches were 24 meters long and about 3 meters wide. They had to lie down like sardines in a can, with their heads toward the middle. At the top, there were six marksmen with submachine guns who then shot them in the back of the neck. It was already full when I arrived, so the ones who were still alive had to lie on top, and then they got shot. They had to lie there in neat layers so that it wouldn’t take up too much space. Before this happened, they had to turn in their valuables at another station. The edge of the forest was here, and in here there were the three trenches on that Sunday, and here there was a line that stretched for one-and-a-half kilometers, and it was moving very slowly. They were standing in line to be killed. When they got closer, they could see what was going on inside. Roughly at this spot, they had to hand over their jewelry and their suitcases. A little farther along, they had to take off their clothes, all except their shirts and underpants. It was just women and little children, like two-year-olds.”  (uncensoredhistory.blogspot.com)  


The American soldiers too violated women during WW2 especially French women. If the motivation for rape for Russian soldiers was revenge for what the German army and SS did in their country, the Americans come through  with an even smaller halo. Their motivation for violating French women was pure hedonism. And the sad part is that the American institutions, the press and the army, too egged them on. Perhaps the aim was to motivate the American soldiers to go and fight the Germans.

The U.S. military has considered the issue of prostitution and rape as a way to establish a form of supremacy.Remember, in 1945, the United States emerged as a world power. It was also a time when France, humiliated, realized that she had lost its superpower status. Sex becomes a way ‘to ensure U.S. dominance on a secondary power.    

GI kisses French girl Paris

Mass Rape Of Italian Women By French Colonial Soldiers In 1944 

War is hell. And The Second World War was undiluted hell. More soever for women. We have dealt in some details of the mass rape of German women by the invading Red Army soldiers in 1945. Comparatively lesser known is the mass rape of Italian women by the French Colonial soldiers in 1944. These soldiers later continued with their nefarious deeds in Stuttgart, Germany in early 1945.

The allies kept silent on this as the soldiers doing this were allied soldiers.

The senseless, brutal atrocities that women suffered during WW2 has not been adequately chronicled. It remains one of the most pathetic chapters of the Armageddon.

In Italy about 60,000 women from ages 11 to 85 suffered in May 1944.   

In Italy, Moroccan mercenaries fighting with the free French forces in 1943 fought under contract terms that included free license to rape and plunder in enemy territory.

Mamma Ciociara monument Italian women ravaged

“Mamma Ciociara”: The monument at Castro dei Volsci in memory of those Italian women who suffered

Many women in Italy were raped; the Italian government later offered the victims a modest pension in an effort to compensate the women for their trauma.  




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